Zomato India Tweets About ‘SAVE WATER’ Twitter Erupts With Hilarious Comment Thread

Zomato is one of the biggest online food delivery application in India. The homegrown restaurant and delivery platform delivers your food from your favourite restaurant at a reduced rate over that at your doorstep. What more can a food lover ask for when they don’t feel like eating Ghar Ka Khana (Homecooked food)?

In today’s date, social media marketing plays a vital role to build any brand which means their Twitter posts need to be on point. Otherwise, it may backfire, well who knows it better than Zomato.

Lately, the official twitter handle of Zomato India is known for coming up with really witty posts from time to time, but sadly for them, trolls outdo them each time.

This time Zomato had something to say about the water scarcity in India as our country is facing the worst water crisis ever in history. It tweeted a series of tweet, SAVE WATER Otherwise hostel daal me 90 per cent kya hoga. SAVE WATER Otherwise pani puri will be just pun. SAVE WATER Otherwise chai kaise banaoge

Zomato’s tweet highlights a serious issue but the tweet is really funny. The tweet instantly caught the attention of DESI TWITTER and they started trolling Zomato humorously.

Check out some of the unfiltered hilarious response:

















Zomato waalo service pe dhyaan do, twitter par nahi!

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