Woman Cooks Sweet Maggi With Rose Petals. Twitter Calls It Maha-Paap & More Harmful Than Lead

There are times when a person is very hungry and wants to have something tasty to eat. Now as far as making a food item instantly is concerned, we are quite sure that only one thing will come to your mind! Yes, you guessed it right! It’s none other than our loving Maggi.

Maggi is so deeply connected with the lives of Indians that for some of us, it has an emotional value. Many people cherish memories related to Maggi such as having it with friends in hostel during college time or enjoying it at 2 am while studying late or watching movies or playing cards with friends.

The best part about Maggi is that it gets cooked pretty fast and savours our taste buds. Even though there is a very simple way of cooking it, some like to add vegetables, cheese and other items to make it tastier and spicier.

But all hell broke loose for Maggi lovers when a video was shared on the micro-blogging site Twitter in which a woman taught people how to cook Maggi with milk, rose petals and other ingredients. We all are habitual of eating spicy Maggi but the woman in the video cooked sweet Maggi like a dessert and went on to say that it is a hit in her house.

Watch The Video:

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The Twitter users were not able to bear it and mercilessly trolled the person who shared it on the micro-blogging site. Here are some of the selected reactions:
















Will you ever dare to try it at home? Well, do it at your own risk! Happy cooking!

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