A most important cause of visitors moving to OTTs from theatres is certainly the censorship in films, while the digital space gives numerous uncensored content material in just a click.

Here we're telling you about one such currently launched web series at the Ullu App, which have to be seen at least once who're fond of bold and fascinating shows.

ULLU original series

The series in question is Titliyan Part 2, and right here we're with a concise review of it that will help you determine if it’s really well worth your taste or not.

The series created a huge buzz amongst many since its trailer was dropped on video sharing platform Youtube earlier last month.

While the first part of the series revolves round a love affair between mature women, the sequel comes with a similar storyline

in which a younger female unhappy together along with her boyfriend gets involved with an adult female who takes place to be in a troubled marriage.

Majorly, this series highlights lesbian love, which later gets tough while their relationship comes into the public eye and people associated with them start getting triggered by it.

If you're into net series overloaded with naughty and bold scenes, homosexual relationships, and fascinating drama, this series is a perfect fit for you.

Apart from Titliyan, Ullu App has a couple of mind-blowing content on its site and is pretty famous among the Hindi belt audience for its soft love content.