MCU’s superhero show Ms Marvel is the most desi show with many South Asian references.

Everything about Kamala Khan hits home, be it the heart-wrenching story of the India-Pakistan partition that become shown in the series to her being a Bollywood fan (an SRK fan, to be precise)

to even her superhero costume, is a representation of South Asian culture. And, the song isn't anyt any different.

Among those music composers was also a New York-based Indian-American singer and songwriter Atif Afzal whose compositions have featured in the series ‘Aye Khuda’ and ‘Dheemi Dheemi’.

However, there may be an exciting story behind one of these song. It was created for a Bollywood movie starring Salman Khan.

Afzal told PTI in an interview recently, “I presented around 12-15 tracks to them. The one they ended up liking the most was Aye Khuda,

which apparently happens to be a composition which I did like a decade ago for a Salman Khan movie, which didn’t eventually go on floor.”

“You experience a setback however then it makes it to Marvel. The song had its own journey,” he introduced further.

Afzal is now based in New York and has composed song for Hollywood movies and series like Loki (TV series), NCIS: Los Angeles, The Twilight Zone and Resort to Love.

He has additionally worked on Indian movies like Prague, Pune 52, Monsoon Shootout and Baji.

The music 'Aye Khuda' has been composed by Aslam Afzal, Farhad B, Vimal K, and Atif Afzal and featured in the second episode of the series that’s streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.