When asked about how she is managing the criticisms, she replied, "Aage life hai ya nahi, yeh pata nhi par yeh lifestyles hai.

Brahmastra controlled to spear through the trend of Bollywood films failing on the box office and the #boycott motion to emerge as the movie to score the 2nd largest beginning in 2022 after KGF

However, in spite of its box office success, the film has been receiving an awesome quantity of terrible criticism from the audience and critics, for both its dialogues or its weak story.


Alia Bhatt's fanatics are especially dissatisfied as despite the fact that she is one of the driving forces of the story, her man or woman did not have a great deal to do withinside the movie.

Recently, Alia become present along with beau Ranbir Kapoor and Ayan Mukerji in Ahmedabad for the film's promotion.

Toh humare paas 2 options hain ki ya toh aap nice bano aur nice par focus karo, ya toh aap negative par attention karo."

How the complete team handles the negative criticism, "Jab koi bhi terrible query puchta hai, hum genuinely ek consensus ke saath bolte hain ki humara dimag udhar jaa hi nhi raha hai.

In an earlier interview with Indian Express, Ayan Mukerji reacted to grievance regarding Alia Bhatt's underutilization by saying,

"In some ways, her superb acting prowess has emerge as something that people see it getting in the manner of fully appreciating her."

However, he recognizes the audience's concern and guarantees that Alia will have more to do in the sequel.

Speaking about the second installment in the Astraverse trilogy, Ayan revealed that Brahmastra Part Two: Dev might launch by December 2025.