With a few days left for the release of the highly predicted Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder, the studio has launched a new D-5 trailer for the movie.

Directed by Taika Waititi, the fourth installment of the franchise has taken over the world even earlier than its launch and is expected to be a blockbuster from the hype around it.

In the newest trailer, Chris Hemsworth's Thor is seen getting ready to "raise an army" as he appeals to the Gods withinside the clip as he declares a "fight"

while Christian Bale's menacing villain Gorr the God Butcher replies in a different cut, "I am counting on that."

With it we get a sneak peek at an epic shot of Gorr and the God of Thunder's fight as Thor lights up with electric blue thunder. In another scene, Thor is again seen powering up as he shouts, "Feel the power of Thor!"

Though the trailer gave the fans mainly a closer look at Hemsworth and Bale, the other clips and trailers have been generous in their inclusion of all of the other key characters in the movie

like Thor's returning ex-girlfriend Jane Foster or the Mighty Thor portrayed by Natalie Portman and the God of Thunder's companions the Guardians of the Galaxy,

there was even added scene of Waititi's fan-favourite character Korg, the rock creature.

As for Thor's buddy Valkyrie, she was briefly shown in this trailer riding her winged-white horse as she throws a blade at an enemy faraway with a background that suggested that war was waging.