Under the gloomy Edgbaston skies, Rishabh Pant made some other leap into greatness.

It’s Dhoni, it’s Gilchrist, no it’s Rishabh Pant

He cracked 146 off 111 balls in a staggering exhibition of counterpunching to make the first day of the series-decider undoubtedly India’s.

For lots of the day, the match was under the iron clutches of England. After old-stager James Anderson and fledgling Matthew Potts had struck in unison to plunge India to 98/5,

Pant and Ravindra Jadeja combined to add 222 runs to not only fish India out of danger however put them in the ascendancy. When the pair parted, India had galloped to 320 runs.

It’s beginning to be a recurring theme — the team in shambles, series on the line, bowlers with their tails up after which walks in a short, slightly stout cheerful young man,

who with none evident ounce of strain, without any speck of uncertainty, changes the match. MS Dhoni was coolness redefined, but his face raged with intensity, those eyes blazed with resolve.

After Kohli’s disintegration of form, Pant is the most-awaited Indian batsman in the middle. There is anticipation, hope and belief that something special would unfold.

He would sometimes infuriate — he's still only 24 — but on gloomy days like those at Edgbaston, he spreads light.