Ola Electric recently carried out its first Ola Customer Day on Sunday. The company discovered the new MoveOS 2 at the event and showcased all the new features that were promised during the launch.

But that was now no longer the best highlight. Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal provided a “sneak-peek” at their next large venture during the presentation.

He showed us a glimpse of Ola’s first electric car in a short clip.  In a short clip shared by Ola Electric, we get a glimpse at the Ola electric car.

We get to look the front fascia of the new car. Keen observers will be capable of be aware that it is not just one car in the teaser.

In fact, simply by looking at the front headlight and DRL setup, we can deduce  models.

Ola Electric car

Now, we aren't sure if these are multiple designs of the same car or is Ola making plans to release different form factors of its electric cars.

Few reports hint at a chance of Ola launching an electric hatchback, an electric SUV/crossover and an electric sedan. The sedan is one option that we can easily figure out in the video.

The launch timeline is yet to be officially confirmed. However, Ola CEO, Aggarwal introduced that they will be offering more information about the electric car after  months.

Launch timeline

The company might show off the concept on August 15. However, the launch may be pushed to some time in 2023.

Even for a start-up, the time-line seems aggressive. Official confirmation is yet to be provided.

Ola Electric car

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