Vin Diesel’s Ardent Fan Loses Rs 4.8 Lakh To The Conman Who Posed As Actor

Vin Diesel’s Ardent Fan Loses Rs 4.8 Lakh To The Conman Who Posed As Actor

The movie stars have a huge fan following and some of the fans are madly in love with their favourite actor or actress. But there are times when fans end up getting cheated by imposters who pretend to be stars themselves. If you remember a fan of actress Kajal Aggarwal paid Rs. 75 lakhs to a conman in the hope of meeting his favorite actress once and one person from Tamil Nadu portrayed himself as Armaan Malik on social media networks and coaxed many women for sending their n*de photos and money as well.

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Vin Diesel is one of the most popular actors of Hollywood and he is best known for his role in the “Fast & Furious” series. He has a huge fan following among women and recently one of his female fans got cheated by a conman. As per the reports published in a leading daily, Katja Lorenza, a 43 years old German woman from Berlin, transferred around Rs. 4.8 lakhs in the account of the conman who was posing as Vin Diesel.


According to Katja, she works with actors and she had also met Vin Diesel once in the Berlin Film festival. She follows the official Instagram handle of Vin Diesel and was in a big surprise when she got a message from the actor but from a different Instagram handle. The conman convinced her that he was sending messages from a different account because if he used his official account, everyone in his management team would get to know about it. Katja believed him and started an online relationship with the imposter thinking that he was Vin Diesel.

After some time, the conman urged her to transfer a big amount in his bank account as he got robbed in South Africa and had no money to return to his home. She transferred the money but later on, the conman revealed to her that he is not Vin Diesel. The cheater told her that he is a 23 years old person who is pursuing medical studies and often cheats people for paying his fees and other expenses.

The police has started the investigation; hopefully Katja will get her money back and the conman will also be punished.

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