Upcoming Web Series This Week [19 Aug- 26 Aug 2022]

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Upcoming Web Series This Week TamilRockerz, Matki, Mrs. Teacher 2, Baba Rancho 3.0 – As the number of Ott platforms has grown in India and the world, a variety of films and web series are released every week on Ott. Films and web series will be released on a variety of Ott platforms this week too. Here is a list of Ott web series scheduled to release this week.

1. TamilRockerz Web Series


This is the tale of a group called Tamil rockers that provide pirated films and TV shows. The Tamil industry is a victim because of this pirated website. This story is based upon an actual incident. It is possible to watch the web-based series using the Sonyliv app. Tamilrockerz web series is accessible in the Hindi language.

2. Matki Web Series

Matki Web Series

It is about a young boy called Mohan. Mohan is brought to the village after having lived at the heart of the city for a number of years. He lives at the home of his uncle. When he sees Bindu, his Aunt Bindu, Mohan gets attracted to her and is in love with her. Bindu doesn’t get satisfaction from her husband’s bedroom. Bindu seeks the assistance of Mohan to satisfy her needs. You can stream this web-based series via the app ullu. we have already published a review on it. where you can get a better idea about the series.

3. Mrs. Teacher 2 Web Series

Following Alia Naaz’s cult web series Mrs. Teacher, she’ll appear in this role. It is about a school in which there is an instructor. The teacher starts to remember her past when she sees the kids. The teacher is sad that he didn’t have much fun in his college days.

Mrs. Teacher 2 Web Series Review

 She is now relying on the support of her pupil for amusement and pleasure. The teacher indulges her sexual desires by involving the student. One of the students in the class takes an intimate video of her and then begins harassing her. To find out what happens the next time, you can watch Mrs. Teacher 2 on the primeshots application. Is Mrs. Teacher 2 worth watching? check out our review on it.

4. Baba Rancho 3.0 Web Series

Baba Rancho 3.0 Web Series

The story is about Baba known as Rancho. The rancho creates an intimate relationship with its followers through its dedication. He indulges in s*xu*l desires with other people. You can stream this web-based show on Cineprime’s app. this web series is not children what’s is the most interesting part in this series please read our datailed review on it.

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