Upcoming Web Series, This week 12-19 August 2022

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Upcoming Web Series List

We all know that this weekend is an enjoyable one for everyone since this weekend will be extremely long. We’re offering you the information on all the new ott titles coming out this weekend. This week, apps like Ullu and prime shots are set to launch their web-based series.

1. Khoon Bhari Maang Web Series on Ullu App

It is about Divya along with her spouse Sameer. Their marriage is in a great direction. One day, Divya’s friend shows up at her house. Sameer is in love with a friend of Divya’s. An affair develops with Sameer and Divya’s close friend. 

Khoon Bhari Maang Web Series on Ullu App

Divya discovers this affair and decides for suicide. As she commits suicide, Divya is saved by an acquaintance of Rahul notices and saves Divya. To find out what happens following, check out the Khoon Bhari Maang web series exclusively on the app ullu. The web series will premiere through the Ullu app on August 16, 2022. you can also read the review and other details about the series.

2. Malkin Bhabhi Web Series on Primeshots App

The story follows Renu, a domestic worker. There is a space that is vacant in their house of Renu that she leases for rent. When two boys arrive at her house to be paid guests. Renu is in the love of one of the boys. Renu and the boy’s romance begins. 

Malkin Bhabhi Web Series on Primeshots App

The husband of Renu is suspicious of Renu and, as a result, the husband raises the rent of the house. Even after the rent is increased the boys don’t quit the room. Take a look at the Malkin Bhabhi web series to find out what’s going to take place the next time around. The web series will premiere via Primeshots. Primeshots app on August 15th, 2022. meanwhile, you can read the cast, storyline, and review here.

3. Call Boy Web Series on Laddoo App

It is about Kunal who is unemployed. He visits a variety of places to interview but is not able to find employment. Due to the absence of work and his lack of a proposal, he decides not to propose to the girl he loves Shanaya. 

Call Boy Web Series Review

A message arrives from Kunal’s phone that reads “Enjoy earning”. He begins working for the company. What are the services offered by this company? To find out, you can watch the web series called Call Boy exclusively through the Laddoo application. The web series will launch through the Laddoo app on the 10th of August. we also posted the review and other details about the web series please check it out.

4. Love Jugad Web Series on Primeflix App

A story that focuses on a murder and explores human emotions like Trust love, Lust manipulation & Betrayal. The web series will premiere on August 12, 2022, through Primeflix. Primeflix app.

5. Charmsukh Chawl House 3 Web Series on Ullu App

It is the tale of two siblings called Teena Meena and Meena. Meena is a dedicated girl, while her sister Teena is a reckless girl. A day comes when a boy named Rahul is brought into their social circle. Teena along with Meena both are in love with this boy. 


However, Rahul becomes infatuated with Teena and starts an affair. Following this, Meena is very unhappy. To find out what happens in the next episode, check out the charmsukh Chawl House 3 web series on Ullu. The web series is scheduled to be launched in the Ullu app on the 12th of August. detailed review and other casting details here.

Last Words

So, there 5 web series that is releasing this week on different platforms. if I miss any web series in this Upcoming Web Series list please comment below so other people can get that. if you have any suggestions I really appreciate them and please let me know.

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