Unni Mukundan Delighted With Dad Getting To Act In ‘Shefeekkinte Santhosham’

Malayalam actor Unni Mukundan on Wednesday expressed his delight at his dad Mukundan Nair being a part of his upcoming Malayalam film ‘Shefeekkinte Santhosham’.

Taking to Instagram to share his happiness, the actor posted pictures of his dad dubbing for the film and wrote, “This is so special for me !! Achan, completes his part in ‘Shefeekkinte Santhosham’ today!

“He was supposed to act in ‘Meppadiyan’ but then, I chopped off his portion in the scripting time. Director Vishnu Mohan still feels he must have acted in ‘Meppadiyan’. Anyways, since I didn’t get the benefits of nepotism, I choose to do the reverse nepotism here and have successfully got my achan kutty his on screen debut.

“Now, I totally understand how nepotism works, family is always special and important. Anyways, I hope you guys love Shefeek when he comes on screen! Cheers!”

‘Shefeekkinte Santhosham’ is a romantic comedy that is being directed by actor and director Anup Pandalam.

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