Underlines Importance Of Education And How It Leads To Deconstruct Self

Underlines Importance Of Education And How It Leads To Deconstruct Self

After a long time a film has come that underlines the importance of education, particularly in political life and how it has the potential to transform a politician if he or she goes through the rigors of education.

When Big B takes it upon himself to promote Junior B’s latest offering DASVI and when Jaya Bachchan invites a team of the lawmakers for a special screening of the film, it is a pointer to a watershed moment in the acting oeuvre of Abhishek Bachchan!

DASVI is a film that builds up a narrative of a self-reckoning moment in the life of Ganga Ram Chaudhary when he realizes the virtue of education and charts a different political career focusing upon education as the enabling tool for development.

Abhishek Bachchan has evolved as an actor through DASVI. He has underlined the fact that he is not a star but an actor, who has the ability to slip into the skin of the character and make a success out of the enactment of the role on the screen. Abhishek Bachchan through DASVI has finally come out of the shadow of Big B as he perhaps understood that for him to make his mark into the film industry and come out of the shadow of the thespians in the form of his parents, he had to focus upon the character and forget being a star. No wonder, Big B has also gone on record to announce to the world that Abhishek Bachchan is his successor.’

It always is a challenge to enact the role of a politician and come out clean as a character and adding an element of respectability to the politician enactment on the silver screen as Abhishek Bachcan has done in DASVI.

Had it been a conventional portrayal of the character of a politician whose character had to pass an exam the narrative would have been built upon ahd highlighting the machinations and underhand dealings by the character to score the objective, thereby adding to the volume of such portrayals in a negative manner. But Abhishek Bachchan’s character as a reformist who is inclined to walk the talk and also be graceful enough to offer his seat of the Chief Minister to a new young generation politician who has the potential to usher in change is indeed a new leaf in character portrayal. Subconsciously this portrayal endears the audience and facilitates Abhishek Bachchan to take the leap and become a force to be reckoned with henceforth.

Be it a Dilip Kumar, a Big B, A Jeetendra or even a Rajesh Khanna who had enacted the role of a politician in a Hindi film, they were not able to endear themselves to the audience as they could not bring about the vulnerability imbued in the character which Abhishek Bachchan has brought in, with conviction. It is his vulnerability that makes it count for the film.

The dialogue which has caught the imagination of the audience- A Tiger never changes his spots- indeed becomes the defining template for Abhishek Bachchan. He is a tiger who has not changed his spots but as is the wont with the species of Tigers they move away from the family to carve out a territory of their own, Abhishek Bachchan through series of films like MANMARJIYAN, BOB BISWAS and above all DASVI, moves away from his illustrious parents to carve his political territory and started ruling from his territory though the tiger has not changed his spots but has underlined the pedigree.

JAILS in Hindi cinema whenever they have been used, have been portrayed as an environment of negativeness, of political machinations. But in DASVI, in a refreshing change they have been portrayed as a platform for reformation and Yami Gautam as an effervescent Jailor who does not rule only by the rulebook, but is also inclined to facilitate reforms through the jail environment is a refreshing portrayal of a jailor. V Shantaram perhaps was the first filmmaker who had presented to the audience through his eponymous film DO AANKHEIN BARAH HAATH the potential a jailor has to reform a prisoner. Yami Gautam’s role is modeled along those lines and is an endearing character.

Nimrat Kaur’s character had the potential to be developed further as a play off between the character of Junior B and herself, but it has not evolved to that extent as there was an opportunity to underline that politics corrupts and corrupts absolutely overriding the relationships. DASVI had indeed provided an opportunity to underline that women of the family can also have ambitions and it had provided an opportunity to exploit this play-off in a conflicting manner.

As DASVI has been released on an OTT Platform, it does provide a signal for a sequel through the enactment of role of an Education Minister by Abhishek Bachchan which has the potential to be developed as a sequel to provide a cinematic portrayal of education sector of the country and offer innovative solutions as well. A Tough Act to Ask for?