Types Of People Working From Home, Compiled By KillerLaunch.com

Types Of People Working From Home, Compiled By KillerLaunch.com

Takeaway: KillerLaunch.com has provided excellent Work From Home jobs and internships to its users across India. Here are the types of people who are currently working from home, in their own unique way. 

Written by: Saumya Uniyal from KillerLaunch.com

Working from home has become a part of our reality, and we’re too comfortable in our pajamas to drag ourselves to the office now. KillerLaunch.com, a leading jobs and internships search platform in India, is currently providing excellent Work From Home employment opportunities to its users from different fields.


Many individuals have grabbed excellent Work From Home jobs in India in the top firms in India via KillerLaunch. Every individual has a unique way to Work From Home, and in this article, we’ll be discussing the types of people Working From Home with KillerLaunch.com. 

Types of People Working From Home With KillerLaunch

The WFH Professional

The Work From Home Professionals are individuals that are working as professionally as they were during the office (or even more). Mind it, they don’t snooze their alarms, have breakfasts on the bed, or skip showers. They’re the first one to show up for a Zoom call, setting goals for professionalism in sales & fintech companies in India.

The Nap-Time Expert

Did you also yawn right after reading this title? Never mind. Nap Time Experts are people who have figured and designed their Work From Home schedule in a way that gives them the time to indulge in those lazy afternoon naps while completing their work right on time.

Did you know that KillerLaunch has a job for all the napping enthusiasts? Just kidding, but KillerLaunch does provide you with jobs and internships hailing from different fields like marketing, content writing, sales, technical, venture capital in India, etc.

The Pajama Squad

The Pajama Squad can be spotted working at the most comfortable and cozy corner of the house, sipping on their coffee while wrapped in the sheets. Getting ready to work? The Pajama Squad doesn’t care. A member of The Pajama Squad can sometimes be seen with messed up hair and tilted glasses during Zoom calls.

The Multitasker

The Multitaskers are the most efficient being that WFH. They can cook, exercise, stay hydrated, and every possible thing while working on their assigned project. These enthusiastic beings are ardent followers of Ranveer Singh’s preachings, which helps them stay energetic har waqt.

Overall, you can find these and many more types of individuals Working From Home with KillerLaunch. What’s great is that you can also find part-time Work From Home jobs on KillerLaunch, allowing you to earn that extra income without leaving your main job. Head over to KillerLaunch.com now and find the jobs and internships of your dreams. 

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