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Twitter Hilariously Trolls Ricky Ponting For Preaching Ashwin On Mankading & Spirit Of Game

Twitter Hilariously Trolls Ricky Ponting For Preaching Ashwin On Mankading & Spirit Of Game

There have been many controversies associated with the Indian Premier League (IPL) and in almost every season, we get to see something controversial taking place. However, the former Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting who is now employed as the head coach of the IPL team Delhi Capitals (DC) has started a controversy even before beginning of the IPL 2020.

While giving an interview on The Grade Cricketer Podcast, the former skipper talked about the mankading carried out by Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin in the IPL 2019 and said that he will not let such things happen in Delhi Capitals. Ricky said that the first thing he will be doing is to talk to Ashwin about mankading, adding that Ashwin was not in DC last year and he is one of those players whom they have bought this time.

According to Ricky Ponting, the Indian spinner is a good bowler and what makes him stand apart from others is the fact that he has been performing great for a long period now. Ricky stated that last year when Ashwin mankaded Jos Buttler, he talked to the players of DC and made it clear to them that he may have done it and there may be many others who will like to do it but this is not the way DC players will be playing cricket.

The former Australian skipper said that it will be a hard conversation with Ashwin but Ponting is sure that Ashwin will take it in a good spirit. Ricky Ponting also said that most probably Ashwin would also have been thinking now that whatever he did was within the rules of cricket but was against the spirit of the game.

In the IPL 2019, Ashwin was captaining Kings XI Punjab and in one of the matches against Rajasthan Royals, he mankaded Jos Buttler. While he was slammed by many for his act, he was pretty adamant that what he did was within the rules of the game and he would be doing it once again if he gets a chance in the future.

Mankading takes place when the bowler removes the bails before throwing the ball if the batman on the non-striker end is out of the crease.

Ricky Ponting’s statement has not gone well with many cricket lovers as he was one of the fiercest competitors and there have been times when he committed acts which were against the spirit of the game, especially the one in which he tried to influence the on-field umpire for giving the batsman out. This is how Twitter reacted over it:
















The tournament is going to take place in UAE from September 19 and the finals will be played on Nov 10. It is not being held in India as the situation of the coronavirus pandemic is far from satisfactory in the country.

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