Twitter Flooded With Hilarious Memes After Price Of Onion Reached Around Rs 70-80 Per KG

Onion plays a very important role in the diets of majority of the Indians as some use it for cooking dishes while several others prefer to have it as salad. So it is kind of obvious that whenever the prices of onions rise, almost every Indian household gets affected. Nowadays, onions are priced around Rs. 70-80 per kg and there is a huge uproar on this issue among common public.

Most of the onion is supplied by the state of Maharashtra which is hugely affected with the flood. As per the government, good amount of onion is stored in the godowns but they can’t be transported due to heavy rains and flood situation. It is being said that the situation will come under control in few days as the government is taking various steps to counter the problem. Not only this, the government is also selling onions at subsidized rate in order to help the citizens and the public is coming out in huge numbers to purchase one of their favourite vegetables.

While people are worried about the price hike of onions, the social media users got one more topic to make memes on and have some moments of fun and laughter. Twitterati used their creativity to the maximum and some of the memes are really very hilarious.

Check out some of the selected ones:



















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