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The Kashmir Files: Curtains need to be raised

The Kashmir Files: Curtains need to be raised

The Kashmir Files: Curtains need to be raised

In the narrative of a nation in the modern times, every now and then curtain is drawn on a narrative and a new narrative starts playing, a new history is penned while old history is made to disappear. However, there are some mavericks who continue to persevere to keep the flame burning and when the time comes they lit the world through that flame!

Arundhati Roy, writing in her book written along with John Cusack – “Things that can and cannot be said,” would never have imagined that what she had written in the book may become a prophetic statement with making of the ‘The Kashmir Files’. She had written, “every now and then the curtain comes down and history begins anew. New moralities and new indignations are manufactured…in a disappeared history.”

Well, the history of Kashmir, the organized forced exodus that happened in the second week of January 1990, one of the time lines of the officially declared Chillai Kalan- 40 day’s period of harsh winters- was made to disappear but the ‘The Kashmir Files’ brought it back into the public realm once again and the manufactured indignations are falling like ninepins.

AIchmophobia (the fear of sharp edges) arising out of this organized exodus which was sand papered for more than three decades has again acquired the penetration and it is drawing blood in large proportions on daily basis, manifest from the box office collection that ‘The Kashmir Files’ has acquired so far. (As per the industry reports collections until Wednesday for the film is Rs. 60 crore). It needs to be underlined again that this phenomenal achievement at the box office has all been owing to the fans who have lapped the film all over the country.

The phenomenal adulation for ‘The Kashmir Files’ could be because of the fact that the victims (Kashmiri pandits) perhaps would be the only community, which did not resort to any kind of retaliation of any kind. There were neither any kind of organized protests at any point of time in the time line of nation’s history nor were there any kind of slogan shouting as well! It had to stir the conscience of the nation as it has done post release of ‘The Kashmir Files’ and the purpose of filmmakers is served.

When was the last time when a movie got a standing ovation all over the country before ‘The Kashmir Files’? Wherever it has been screened, it has won the audience and this is not an Indian phenomenon but it has become a worldwide reality. States of Rhodes Islands gave an official citation to Vivek Agnihotri saluting the efforts that he unspooled through his ‘The Kashmir Files’. Such kind of acknowledgement of the quality of content has not been heard yet for any other film!

For those who have been complaining about the nature of content have the freedom to present their point of view about the narrative and let the junta or the public decide who is telling the truth. After all- ye public hai ye sab jaanti hai.