The Internet Is Obsessed With Rihanna's Super Bowl Hairstyle, And This TikToker Revealed How You Can Recreate It

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From the hit songs to the backup “marshmallow dancers” to the surprise pregnancy announcement, Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show got the internet talking.

Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl

And along with Rihanna’s incredible performance on stage, it was the singer’s style that also captured people’s attention. Fans raved about Rihanna’s all-red monochromatic look — from her outfit to her nails to her makeup. And people were obsessed with the singer’s hairstyle, which featured face-framing pieces and her hair middle-parted and slicked back into a multi-stranded braided ponytail.

Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl

TikToker @zanysena was one of the first to recreate the hairstyle online in a quick and easy tutorial on curly hair — and since it’s been uploaded, it’s gone super viral with over 6.9M views and 1.2M likes.

In the 50-second clip, Zany Sena starts the style by sectioning off two face-framing pieces in the front and slicking the rest of her hair back into a ponytail.

Screenshot from Zany Sena's TikTok

Then, she takes a small portion of the ponytail, braids it, and wraps it around to cover the ponytail holder.

Screenshot from Zany Sena's TikTok

Next, she divides her remaining ponytail into two separate sections and braids them individually, leaving out curly pieces along the way to give the ponytail some added texture.

Screenshot from Zany Sena's TikTok

Finally, here’s the finished product:

Screenshot from Zany Sena's TikTok


Side-by-side of Rihanna and Zany Sena

Zany wasn’t the only one who’s tried out the style. Since the Super Bowl performance, several other BIPOC creators have recreated Rihanna’s look — especially for people with natural hair and curly hair. So, there’s plenty of inspo if you want to try it out for yourself!

For example, @mimiabidemi showed how the Super Bowl hairstyle can be achieved on box braids:


Could resist recreating the Bad Gal’s Super Bowl hairstyle on my braids ✨ #fentybowl #fentybowl2023 #rihanna #rihannanavy #superbowl #fyp #hairstyle #halftimeshow #mimiabidemi

♬ original sound – ESPN

And @jamayg recreated the style on her natural hair using curly extensions (which is helpful if you’d like to add some length):

If you’re looking for more Rihanna hair inspo, here are a few other natural hair and curly hair TikTokers who have recreated her looks in the past:

This flip pony:

Closeup of Rihanna

Recreated by @_curlymane_ here:

These braided space buns:

Closeup of Rihanna

Recreated by @silmaravasconcelos0 here:

And this curly updo:

Recreated by @brisfavoritethings here:

Super cute! I can’t wait to try these hairstyles — and I think they all confirm what we already know: Rihanna will forever be our style queen.

Be sure to follow Zany Sena and all of these amazing creators on TikTok to keep up with their content! Would you try Rihanna’s Super Bowl hairstyle? Let me know in the comments below!

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