Siskiyaan Palang Tod Ullu Web Series Review, Cast And More

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Siskiyaan Palang Tod Ullu Web Series

Palang Tod Siskiyaan Web Series has been released through the Ullu App today. The date of release for the web series is August 5, 2022. It’s a Hindi language web series that is erotic in its language. Palang Tod Siskiyaan is a web-based series stars Noor Malabika and Tarakesh Chauhan in the leading roles.

Watch online Palang Tod Siskiyaan web series on Ullu App. This web-based series was composed by Praveer Ranjan and is directed by SSK. The series consists of two episodes. The total time of the web-based series is 53 minutes. Palang Tod Siskiyan web series is intended for viewers who are over 18 years old. Ullu App last released web series was Charmsukh Tawa Garam.

Siskiyaan Palang Tod Ullu Web Series StoryLine

Renu is a wife who is unhappy and seeks out and discovers her sexual freedom in no way through the husband but rather through her paralyzed father-in-law. Now, she must deal with the sexy commotion that caused her to lose her mind and the lust of her partner won’t allow her to go.

The web-based series revolves around an elderly man with paralysis along with his sister-in-law. She cares for her father-in-law in everyday life. The father-in-law is drawn to their attractiveness of Renu. The husband of Renu has to get out of the station to work for a couple of days.

Siskiyaan Palang Tod Ullu Web Series review

The following scene shows the husband contacts his wife to remind her to hand over the cash in the lock to his friend at the time his friend is there and then the man began to remember his memories of the night before. When the husband’s friend arrives to retrieve the money. Renu discovered that it’s only 9,000 rupees and 1 rs is missing. She is unsure about Chhotu’s motives for this. During the search, she finds an old magazine on the table. She observes him conversing with his girlfriend. While she was chatting with her father-in-law, the pair start to become closer to one another. Then, at the end of the web series, we also get to see the arrival of Hiral Radadiya.

To learn more about the complete story of the web-based series and what’s going to happen with Sasur Bahu and Bahu. Are they both successful in finding their happiness? Check out the Palang Tod Siskiyaan web series on Ullu App starting today to learn. In this web-based series, Noor Malabika will be seen in intimate scenes.

Siskiyaan Web Series Star Cast

  • Noor Malabika is Renu
  • Tarakesh Chauhan as Sasur
  • Shivkant Lakhan pal as husband
  • Sohil Shaikh is Chotu
  • Rajesh Yadav as Anil

Watch Online Palang Tod Siskiyaan Web Series At Ullu

Palang Tod Siskiyaan web series is streaming online via Ullu App. To stream this web series, install Ullu App to Playstore or the App store. Take the subscription to the show at a price that is affordable for everyone and take pleasure in this web series with the other hundreds of web-based shows available through the Ullu App.

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Palang Tod Siskiyaan Web Series Details

Title – Palang Tod Siskiyaan
Cast – Noor Malabika, Tarakesh Chauhan, Shivkant Lakhan Pal
Genre – Erotic, Drama
Web Series – Type
Series – Palang Tod
Total Episodes 2
Time Total 53 minutes
Director SSK Director SSK
Release Date: 5 August 2022
OTT Platform – Ullu App
Language – Hindi Hindi
Country India India

Palang Tod Siskiyaan Web Series Release Date

5 August 2022

Where we can watch Siskiyaan Web Series

At Ullu App

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