Sanjay Manjrekar Reacts To Criticism & Hate Comments That He Gets On Social Media

Sanjay Manjrekar Reacts To Criticism & Hate Comments That He Gets On Social Media

Social media, especially the micro-blogging site Twitter, has become a great platform for netizens to interact and share their opinion on different issues but some people also use it for slamming or criticising others.

Many times, social media users have asked Sanjay Manjrekar to quit commentary but the former Indian cricketer is not affected by his criticism. Recently, he carried out a Question & Answer session on Twitter and one question that caught everybody’s attention was the question regarding the hate that he gets online.


The Twitter user asked, “@sanjaymanjrekar, Sir you have had your fair share of hate tweets. How do you handle it? #asksanjay”.

The answer given by Sanjay Manjrekar was a classy one as he refused to accept it as hate and instead referred to it as unbounded passion of fans for the game because of which he gets not only hate but also excessive love. He also talked about the great business which the Indian cricket does and people like him earn their living.

Sanjay’s tweet read, “I don’t see that as hate at all. It’s the unbounded passion that fans have for the game & it’s players. So, you get your fair share of excessive love & hate too. This passion, don’t forget, also makes Indian cricket a billion dollar industry in which people like me make a living.”

Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar has a history of getting trolled on Twitter and in 2019, it happened quite a few times. One of the notable incidents was when Sanjay Manjrekar slammed Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja and called him a “bits and pieces cricketer”.

This didn’t go well with Jadeja who responded with his cricketing stats, compared it with Manjrekar’s stats and asked him to respect those cricketers who have achieved success in their career. The fans of Ravindra Jadeja also lambasted Manjrekar for his unnecessary comment and he was trolled mercilessly.

On another occasion, Sanjay Manjrekar was criticised for the statement that he made while talking to commentator Harsha Bhogle. After the day-night test match which was played with pink ball between India and Bangladesh at Eden Garden, Kolkata, Harsha wanted to talk to players in order to find out their opinion on the matter of visibility of the pink ball. Manjrekar thought otherwise and told Harsha that those who have played cricket know that the ball is visible. The comment was not taken kindly by the online community as it made them feel that Manjrekar was trying to insult Harsha and he again became an object of trolling.

Well, Sanjay Manjrekar’s take in regard to hate comments shows that he certainly has great and positive attitude! What do you say?

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