Samiksha-Shael Oswal Announce Their Film And Music Production House

Samiksha-Shael Oswal Announce Their Film And Music Production House

Singer Shael Oswal and his wife, Samiksha Oswal, who has acted in several south films and Hindi TV series, are launching their new production house – SSO Productions – Samiksha and Shael Oswal Productions. The duo opened up about their transition to production from singing and acting and how they intend to combine their creativity for future projects.

The entertainment industry has always excited Shael Oswal ever since his childhood. He has time and again narrated beautiful stories through his music which has touched the hearts of millions of fans.

Samiksha and Shael share similar interests in the world of entertainment and she has conceptualised as well as directed a lot of Shael’s videos. The dynamic duo are both creatively inclined and hence telling stories to the world through their production house was the natural next step ahead for them. What started as Lucky Star Entertainment by Shael’s father has now been revived by the latter and transformed into SSO Productions. The earlier production house had begun when Shael was young and now with Samiksha’s creativity and new ideas, the two of them decided to begin where they left off and hence SSO Productions took birth.

Speaking on the same, Shael says “Personally, I am a big fan of thrillers and horrors. But out production house is open to exploring all kind of genres. Except sex and vulgarity. That will never be a part of our kind of cinema. I also feel love and romance have been integral to our lives and cinema so that will be a preferred emotion above others. Stories on love, hope, emotions, relationships will be the base of most of our projects.”

Acting was never Samiksha’s destination and was merely a part of her journey. As an actor, Samiksha wouldn’t simply deliver her scenes and head back to the vanity van. In fact, the perfectionist that she is, she would stay back and discuss different possibilities for the shoot with her directors and DOPs. This practice gave Samiksha the confidence and experience in filmmaking and made her take the step of introducing SSO Productions!

“The shooting of our first film is over and we are in the final stages of post production. Our film comprises of notable and award winning cast and crew. It has been a very satisfying journey to produce something so meaningful which makes you laugh, cry and at the same time makes you think deeply. We are looking forward to sharing this with the audiences across the world,” signs off Samiksha Oswal.

All this and more, we are sure that SSO Productions will take it up to a whole other level with their exciting and illustrious list of projects in the pipeline ! Since the shoot of their first film has complete, we are eagerly awaiting for more news from the dynamic duo, Shael and Samiksha Oswal!

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