Ruks Khandagale Web Series 2022 List

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Ruks Khandagale Web Series 2022 List- Ruks Khandagale is a well-known web series actress from India. Ruks has been a part of various famous Ott platforms, including ullu Kooku, ullu, and Digimovieplex. The most famous web show includes “palang the double Dhamaka” where she played Nidhi.

The list of web series from Ruks Khandagale is listed below. You can stream all of the web-based series via their specific platforms.

1. Triple Palang Dhamaka Web Series

The story follows a young boy called Arpit living with an aunt and uncle. Uncle is often away from the house during the day to work. Aunt’s sister Nidhi is invited to stay at their home for a couple of days. Nidhi and Arpit begin to like each other. Both of them begin fulfilling their sexual desires. One day, Aunty is able to see the two of them.

Ruks Khandagale Web Series 2022 List

She tells her arpit that what you’re performing with me, you can do the same thing with me. Aunties are also using arpit to satisfy their sexual needs. To know what’s going to happen in the next episode, check out the ullu online series called palang double dhamaka. In this web show, Ruks played the role of Nidhi and Rajsi Verma played the part of Chachi.

2. Jaroorat Goodflix Movies Web Series

The story follows two sisters. The younger sister loves performing and modeling. Even though she has struggled but she doesn’t make it into films.

Ruks Khandagale Web Series 2022 List

One day , the older sister meets a businessman called Mohan Shetty. He tells him that he could transform her into a heroine. In return, he’d like to stay in the company of her sibling. Is the older sister willing to this offer? To find out, you can watch the renowned web series on Goodflix’s movies, Jaroorat.

3. Chhupi Nazar Part 3 & 4 Web Series

It is about a phone girl who is employed by a firm. This company secretly takes intimate videos of the girl and then uploads them to their website. When the girl learns about this, she decides to leave the company and starts her own website on which she uploads her hot videos. The web series is available through the Kooku application. before watching you can read the review.

4. Laila O Laila (61-62) Web Series

It is about Laila who is a gangster who is a lady in the underworld. To capture Laila the city’s ACP appointed a girl, named Kajal. Kajal gains Laila’s trust and is a part of her band of thieves.

Then, Laila mixes a sleeping tablet with Kajal’s drink and fulfills her sexual desires through it. ACP is then aware of the fact that Laila has a sexual orientation issue therefore, he assigns an additional officer, whose name Karthik. What happens if Kartik is arrested? Kartik be able to detain Laila? To find out, check out digimovieplex’s famous web-based series “Laila O Laila”. Ruks was the character Laila in the web-based series.

5. Babuji Ghar Par Hai (61-62) Web Series

Ruks Khandagale Web Series List Watch Online 2022 7

This is the tale of a blind father that lives in a home with his daughter and son. Son appoints a maid to take care of his father. The maid is responsible for the father.

Ruks Khandagale Web Series 2022

A few days later, Father completes his sexual desire by having the help of a maid. His daughter-in-law is watching them. The maid is told that whatever you did to me and my father-in-law make sure you do the same thing to my husband as well. Does the maid accept this? To find out, you can watch the digimovieplex web-based show “Babuji Ghar Par Hai”.

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