RASBHARI SERIES REVIEW, Cast By Amazon Prime Videos

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Amazon Prime Video has introduced a variety of web-based television series to the market this year. There are many more web series and films that are expected in the next few days. In the meantime, Swara Bhaskar starrer Rasbhari web series is also launched. The web series with 8 episodes will be a type of dark humor. The unique thing about this series is that Swara will have a slightly distinct style.

Amazon Prime Rasbhari Series Story

The trailer for the web series has been released. It tells the story of an English educator from Meerut. The teacher, called Shanu Bansal is a fasinator. There is also a student. He is a bit stoic with his father. the student begins to coach Shanu Mam. His friend claims that Madame’s conversations are everywhere in the city.

The boy also attempts to assess the character of the teacher through his eyes. But, he eventually discovers the truth that the person being talked about is a woman whose name is Rasbhari.


The Rasbhari Web Series Cast

  • Swara Bhaskar
  • Neelu Kohli
  • Ayushmaan Saxena
  • Pradhuman Singh
  • Chittaranjan Tripathy
  • Rashmi Agdekar
  • Pradhuman Singh Mall

Swara Bhaskar plays the leading part in Rasbhari. She is playing the role in the role of English instructor Shanu Bansal. Swara had made her debut long ago. She did however meet the famed Tanu Weds Mannu and Ranjhana.

Amazon Prime Rasbhari Series Review

Rasbhari appears to be an attempt to be overly assertive, but it doesn’t really hit home all the points it has to bring. It focuses on the vital needs of youth, how women are treated in slum communities, and the belief that women need to ensure that their husband is happy for total commitment to them. However, this is a nonsense idea and obstructs the display of real significance. Swara Bhasker might have gotten through by putting in more time on screen, but unfortunately, her talents as an entertainer aren’t shining through.

Creators: Nikhil Nagesh Bhatt, Tanveer Bookwala, Shantanu Shrivastava
Writer: Shantanu Shrivastava
Cast: Swara Bhaskar, Ayushmaan Saxena, Neelu Kohli, Rashmi Agdekar
Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Rasbhari Series Review Trailer

Where can I watch the Rasbhari series?

For now, you can watch it on Prime videos. it is an exclusive series by amazon prime videos.

Is Rasbhari available on an MX player For Free?

Nope. It’s only for Prime videos For now.

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