Raksha Bandhan Movie REVIEW: Worth To Watch?

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Raksha Bandhan Movie REVIEW:- Finally! A film that can be described as an Akshay Kumar film. If you remember that the actor was recent with a dip in his career and honestly, who wouldn’t acknowledge that? However, he has taken the blame off his career by releasing this film.

Let’s say that this movie was surprisingly excellent, but it wasn’t the “best”.

Written by Anand L. Rai, Raksha Bandhan talks about numerous issues, and while some believe that the film is only about the bond between siblings, you may want to add some additions to the list. The film is about siblings and the relationship they have however, it also speaks to women’s empowerment. The film takes an effort to fight dowry, and, well, it’s bound to be the story of love. (Trust me I’m not having any reservations about the idea.)

Raksha Bandhan Movie REVIEW

The film is set in an oppressive society in north India, Kedarnath (Akshay Kumar) as the brother to three sisters, spent the majority of his life trying to get his siblings married. However, this has affected his relationship and relationship with Sapna (Bhumi the Pednekar). The story also discusses the ways in which Indian society is traditionally awash with dowry which makes the male’s household (ladke ladki wale) one of the main aspects of a marriage. On the other hand, women’s families (ladki ladki wale) tend to be viewed as inferior and must be submissive to everyone’s demands.

Raksha Bandhan Movie REVIEW

The film opens beginning with Akshay Kumar’s character struggling to balance his work and his sister’s requirements. Himanshu Sharma as well as Kanika Dhillon’s easy and effective writing style has helped them avoid some major problems in the story. However, despite their simple writing, they’ve brought a sense of humor to the story and, despite the flaws with the narration of the film on the large screen, it’s very intriguing.

The screen initially is chaotic and takes you right into Kedarnath’s story of struggle. Thanks to the visionary Anand L. Rai’s vision, the film succeeds in its job of involving the viewers.

Raksha Bandhan Movie REVIEW

Unfortunately, a few scenes get boring as soon as the soundtracks from the film start playing and the tragedy continues for two hours. However, there is a sense of satisfaction watching Akshay Kumar fight in a race against his younger sisters, who manage to keep him on his toes.

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The film is interesting, it talks extensively about gender roles within this Indian ecosystem. The characters that are central to the Anand L. Rai directorial are very specific, like Kedarnath’s elder sister who is described as nearly perfect or flawless, but she is still mistreated by society/ladkewale.

The film will keep your attention with fascinating plot twists that are unique to the story.

In a surprising way, Akshay Kumar appears to be accepting his age while watching the film and has done impressive work. In the film, Khiladi Kumar as Bhumi Pednekar’s chemistry is amusing from this angle.

Raksha Bandhan Movie REVIEW

But, Sadia Khateeb, Sahejmeen Kaur, and Deepika Khanna who play Akshay the sisters of Kumar have performed very well keeping that rapport together with actors from the biggest leagues.

In all honesty, the film works its magic following the interval, and it is strongly recommended that you remain in the theater for the duration, regardless of how chaotic or off-setting it could be. It eventually gets you caught in the pace of the movie and right from the final scene until the resolution this Akshay Kumar-directed film will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s true that the changes in the plot are spectacular with the help of Anand L. Rai he does a pretty good job of summarizing the entire film’s final scene.

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To summarize, Raksha Bandhan not only does well on the emotional side but also entices you with its sweet and entertaining moments. The humor, the sarcasm as well as every moment in the film is fun and is the perfect film to watch with your family members during this festive celebration.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Ratings- 3.5/5 Stars

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