Pune Police Trolls A Biker Like A Memer For Not Following Traffic Rules, Twitter Is Loving It

The social media has become a great medium for the government departments of the country to interact with the public and increase their awareness by imparting information on various issues. Social media handles of some departments are getting very famous on the Internet as they are using creativity and humour in a very good manner to promote road safety and encourage people to follow traffic rules. One such account is the official Twitter handle of Pune Police and it has once again showed that it can be savage whenever required.

A Twitter user whose handle is @Chandra75615686 posted an image of a biker who was clearly breaking the traffic rules as he was riding the bike without helmet and his number plate was quite fancy.

The user asked Pune Police to take necessary action and wrote, “Khansaab driving without helmet and with a fancy number plate. Please take necessary action.”

Pune Police could have kept it simple but it would not have attracted the interest of social media users so they replied with a tweet which read,

“KHANSAAB ko cool bhi banana hai

KHANSAAB ko hairstyle bhi dikhani hai

KHANSAAB ko hero waali bike bhi chalani hai

Par KHANSAAB ko traffic rules follow nahin karne

Aise kaise chalega KHANSAAB? #RoadSafety”

It loosely translates to, “Khansaab wants to be cool, Khansaab wants to flaunt hairstyle, Khansaab has to drive hero’s bike but Khansaab doesn’t want to follow traffic rules, how will it work Khansaab?”

Here is the tweet:

Twitterati loved the way Pune Police trolled Khansaab and they also expressed their opinion in a funny manner. Here are some of the hilarious tweets:












Kudos to Pune Police!

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