People Are Reacting To Tom Schwartz And Katie Maloney's Divorce On "Vanderpump Rules"

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If you’ve been living under a rock, or Vanderpump Rules isn’t on your radar of reality tv shows, let me remind you of all of the chaos that has happened recently.

"Vanderpump Rules" intro to season six

Vanderpump Rules premiered in 2013 with our favorite Beverly Hills housewife, Lisa Vanderpump, on the screen. The restauranteur and former housewife introduced an audience to a young, lively staff at SUR, the restaurant you take your “mistress” in Hollywood, according to Vanderpump.

Lisa Vanderpump at the season 10 "Vanderpump Rules" premiere

But we can’t forget the most problematic relationship: Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney at the season six reunion

After 12 years together and five years of marriage, Maloney decided to pull the plug on the relationship — and in the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules, we got our first foray into how it all went down.

Tom Schwartz on the left; Katie Maloney on the right

Check out some reactions to their divorce playing out on TV:


I’m glad Katie left Tom, he clearly needs to grow up and this conversation with LaLa proves that #VanderpumpRules

@Talktv_withTip / Via Twitter: @Talktv_withTip


I feel like this is the beginning of a new Era. We’ve never seen #vpr #VanderpumpRules without Katie and Tom being together. This is going to be interesting.

@Jessica65481190 / Via Twitter: @Jessica65481190


I like Tom Schwartz as a person/friend but I have ZERO sympathy for him with Katie. He was a lousy husband and never had her back and always went for the laugh instead of her well being. Its like he was stuck being perperually 19. She must never have felt safe. #VanderpumpRules

@screenwriter4LA / Via Twitter: @screenwriter4LA


Schwartz trying to be serious but he had me cracking up when he said Katie was telling him about the divorce and he was halfway listening but couldn’t ask her to repeat herself because one of the reasons for this divorce is him not listening. Now Tom 🤣🤣🤣 #PumpRules

@majesticbeauty5 / Via Twitter: @majesticbeauty5


i always liked katie and tom together but looking back at all those flashback moments im wondering why.

#VPR #PumpRules #VanderpumpRules

@reality_tea_vee / Via Twitter: @reality_tea_vee


Who saw Katie and Tom’s marriage lasting? Raise your hands. #PumpRules

@brownboywriting / Via Twitter: @brownboywriting


Seeing Tom and Katie no longer together is different. But she made the right decision. She has always been so much more mature than him. And she needs to find someone who sees her as a woman.#PumpRules

@mustagsue / Via Twitter: @mustagsue


So basically Katie and Tom are acting exactly the same from when they were married 😂😂 #PumpRules

@JMO102324 / Via Twitter: @JMO102324


I’m kinda happy Tom and Katie are done…now I want to see what a happy Katie looks like…if that exist #VanderpumpRules

@irkedorwhateva / Via Twitter: @irkedorwhateva


Idk why Katie is trying to still prioritize Tom and there “friendship”but he didn’t even prioritize there marriage…. Like girl pls stop and gtf on #VanderpumpRules

@wastedtalent___ / Via Twitter: @wastedtalent___


Just beyond satisfying to see this era of Katie Maloney thriving now that she has dropped the Tom Schwartz sized dead weight. This season of #PumpRules feels like it is gonna be all I could have dreamt of and more

@aideenblackwood / Via Twitter: @aideenblackwood


@RickHammerTime Tom plays an innocent little puppy dog when he actually treats Katie like sh*t.
Those two just aren’t good for eachother and it breaks my heart.

Also, pre hating Raquel for dating him.
That girl is a snake. Almost dislike her as much as I do scheana.

@EtherealDarkne5 / Via Twitter: @EtherealDarkne5


Watching Swartz admit he wasn’t listening when Katie was telling him why she was asking for a divorce is one of the funniest scenes in the entire 10 seasons of this show. No notes. #VanderpumpRules

@caitlinnow / Via Twitter: @caitlinnow


@TVandme__ Tom has been the exact same Tom since S1. Puts his friends first, hardly ever took Katie seriously, AND had a cheating scandal every other season, yet she STILL pressured him to marry her knowing all that. Don’t bother feeling bad for her or any of em #vanderpumprules

@Jrobinson808; Bravo / Via Twitter: @Jrobinson808


Ok so first thoughts. Let’s see how long Katie and Tom staying friends last. Lala gave me Erica Jane vibes when she walked in. #vanderpumprules #PumpRules

@jennalbrecht / Via Twitter: @jennalbrecht


Tom is more empathic and kind to Katie
during the divorce than he EVER was during the marriage. PROVE ME WRONG. #realittv #vanderpumprules #vpr #bubba #teamkatiemaloney #teamkatie #divorcewin #bravotv

@socialLawkward / Via Twitter: @socialLawkward


Katie not wanting to be with Tom and also not wanting Tom to make out with anyone is fitting for her oxyMORON self. She commented back to someone saying “well when you share custody of dogs”. LMAO girl just shut up. #vanderpumprules #pumprules

@Realitytvtea2; Bravo / Via Twitter: @Realitytvtea2


I’m glad Katie left Tom, he clearly needs to grow up and this conversation with LaLa proves that #VanderpumpRules

@Talktv_withTip / Via Twitter: @Talktv_withTip


So I’m watching #VanderpumpRules season 9 and I’m so happy that Tom and Katie are divorcing because he stayed throwing her under the bus to save himself.

@__GoGinaGoGina / Via Twitter: @__GoGinaGoGina

What did you think about the divorce reveal?

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