People Are Draggggging Cole Sprouse For His Cringey Way Of Smoking Inside During An Interview

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You know Cole Sprouse. He’s a famous actor with a reported net worth of $48 million.

Cole on the red carpet in a leather jacket and printed pants

And you know smoking. It kills more than 7 million people a year, according to the World Health Organization.

A cigarette

Well, a promo clip of Cole’s interview on Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper which is now viral with 24 million views — showed Cole smoking as he answered a question about his breakup with Riverdale costar Lili Reinhart.

“Ooh, it was really hard. I know we did quite a bit of damage to each other,” Cole responded. When Alex asked why the relationship ended, Cole took a looong puff of his cig and pondered. Like????

People were like, “Who is he trying to be?!?!?!?!”

Him smoking indoors like he’s French or something this is so…

Twitter: @offbeatorbit / Via Spotify / Call Her Daddy

@nothnghppens It’s giving rich white kid pretending to be a tortured artist ☠️

Twitter: @brittanyzapataa / Via Spotify / Call Her Daddy

The whole smoking inside combo was just not it.

Twitter: @nothnghppens / Via Spotify / Call Her Daddy

Cole Sprouse smoking a cigarette INDOORS on a podcast is the cringiest thing ever

Twitter: @ismisemichelle_

cole sprouse is so funny bro sitting indoors smoking a cigarette on call her daddy as if he’s mark twain and not the worst actor on a bad teen drama

Twitter: @lil_pusss

why is cole sprouse smoking that cig like he’s bob dylan or something? bestie you’re literally on call her daddy

Twitter: @flodayas / Via Spotify / Call Her Daddy

Some said it was actually a successful anti-smoking campaign:

he made smoking look incredibly unattractive like that’s amazing

Spotify / Call Her Daddy

@nothnghppens Honestly he needs to be in some anti smoking ads cause he makes it look sooo uncool I’d quit

Twitter: @MasonFleshwood / Via Spotify / Call Her Daddy

Cole has not responded to the smoking situation, but we will update you if he does. And you can listen to his full Call Her Daddy interview here.

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