Pedro Pascal And Elizabeth Olsen Presented Together At The Oscars, And Now Everyone Is Obsessed With This Duo

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The 2023 Academy Awards aired last night, celebrating this past year’s achievements in film both on and off screen.

Everything Everywhere All at Once walked away with so many deserved awards, including Best Picture, Best Director for Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Best Actress for Michelle Yeoh, Best Supporting Actor for Ke Huy Quan, and Best Supporting Actress for Jamie Lee Curtis.

While watching everyone’s acceptance speeches is always a highlight of the Oscars, this year, there were a lot of great presenting pairings that people could not stop talking about.

Like, Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield were adorable together, Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors gave Angela Bassett some much-deserved love, and Jessica Chastain and Halle Berry were perfect as always.

But one Academy Awards duo in particular made everyone freak out, and that was Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal.

The perfect pairing, Lizzie and Pedro presented the awards for Best Documentary Short Subject and Best Animated Short Film, which went to The Elephant Whisperers and The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse respectively.

And yes, they made poor sweet Pedro and Elizabeth make a joke around My Year of Dicks, which was nominated for Best Animated Short Film.

From the minute this duo walked on stage, everyone couldn’t help but point out what an iconic pairing this is, considering the TV shows they’ve both starred in have become some of the most popular — and talked about — in recent years.

They were even adorable backstage together.

Pedro and Elizabeth together was such a perfect presenting duo that for the rest of the night, people on the internet — like myself — could not stop talking about them:

i don’t care what the plot is…but elizabeth olsen, pedro pascal, florence pugh, AND andrew garfield in a movie together. it could be MY multiverse of madness #oscars

Nora Dominick / ABC / Via Twitter: @noradominick

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elizabeth olsen and pedro pascal mom and dad of the internet

@gothmaximoff / ABC / Via Twitter: @gothmaximoff

“coming up pedro pascal and elizabeth olsen!”

@wandaslizzie / Bravo / Via Twitter: @wandaslizzie

@elizbcth / ABC / Via Twitter: @elizbcth

florence pugh elizabeth olsen
& andrew garfield & pedro pascal

that’s it, that’s the tweet

@sharmstyles / Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @sharmstyles


@WandasAttorney / ABC News / Via Twitter: @WandasAttorney

Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal in 2019 and 2023

@wandasolsen / D23 / ABC / Via Twitter: @wandasolsen

Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal sharing the stage is A LOT. I need to cool down. #Oscars

Jamie Jirak / ABC / Via Twitter: @JamieCinematics

Hollywood, we are now asking for a movie with Pedro Pascal & Elizabeth Olsen. #Oscars (📷: Getty)

E News /  Rich Polk / Variety / Getty Images / Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @enews

Yes, what your seeing is real.

@dakjfan / ABC / Via Twitter: @dakjfan

“What…what Pedro?”
“You…you’ll find out when you watch this?”
“How thrilling:)”
Why are they so sweet and cute 😭
Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal made my day 🫶🏼 and Lizzie did so well

@florwandsnat / ABC / Via Twitter: @florwandsnat

But could you imagine the #Marvel movie Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal could give us? 😱

Entertainment Tonight / Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @etnow

#Oscars #OSCAR #Oscars2023 #Oscars95

I need Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal in a project together NOWWW!!!

@Aris_Multiverse / ABC / Via Twitter: @Aris_Multiverse


@tisthedamnwitch / ABC / Via Twitter: @tisthedamnwitch

just gonna post this photo of Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal at the #Oscars because it brings me joy

GLAAD / ABC / Via Twitter: @glaad

We got Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal presenting together we have finally achieved world peace

@idatelizzie / Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @idatelizzie

Basically, who do we need to call to make a Lizzie and Pedro movie happen?! (Preferably a movie that doesn’t make me WEEP, please.)

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