Onion Rate Reaches Rs 150/Kg, TikTok Users Come Up With The Funniest Videos

Onions are an integral part of the Indian diet as it is used not only for cooking purposes but also as a part of salad. However, nowadays people are finding it difficult to include onions in their meals because of its high prices.

The rates of good quality onions have gone up to Rs. 150 per kg in some cities of the country while the low quality onions are priced at Rs. 100 per kg. We Indians have a habit of finding humour even in tough situations and this time again, the TikTok users have shown their creativity by making some of the most hilarious videos using onions.

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Some video makers are showing that onions are kept in safe while few others are gifting it in marriage ceremonies. Here are some videos which will make you cry tears of laughter:

Besides these, there were some other funny videos too that will make you go ROFL:

The central government is importing onions from Turkey and Egypt in order to increase their supply in the market which will result in reduction of prices. The central government has also asked the state governments to catch those who are involved in the hoarding onions and creating buffer stock.

Do let us know which video you found the best and most entertaining.

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