Michael Cera Explained Why He Doesn't Own A Smartphone, And Honestly, It's A Solid Explanation

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Michael Cera has managed to stay out of the spotlight, and it sounds to me like it’s 100% by choice.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter for his latest projects, Michael explained why he’s rejected modern cellphone technology and attempted to keep his private life, well, extremely private.

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The reality is that Michael is not a fan of too much socializing, and he’s completely opted out of social media. “It doesn’t feel conscious,” he said. “I guess it’s just something that I didn’t elect to do. Because everybody does it, it starts to feel like a big choice. But it’s just not interesting to me.”

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In fact, he’s so private, you won’t even catch him with an iPhone or Android, and his explanation makes a lot of sense. “I also don’t have a smartphone,” he said. “And that is a conscious choice because I feel a bit of fear about it honestly like I’d really lose control of my waking life.”

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He clarified that his distaste for smartphones isn’t something new. “Right when people started having smartphones, when it was Blackberries, I had lunch with a friend of mine who was my best friend at the time, and he’d just gotten a Blackberry, and for the whole meal he was typing emails, and I sat there lonely and bored. So I had an early aversion to them.”

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Michael said that “a lot of people” are envious of his choice. “For many years, people resented me for this lifestyle choice,” he added. “But now people say that they envy it.”

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The Superbad star included that “it’s very possible” his lack of smartphones and social media might impact his career. If a project requires a huge social media presence, Michael admitted he’s “not holding any sway in that category.” And he’s okay with missing out on those opportunities. “If [social media’s] an important thing I think I wouldn’t be considered.”

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And it’s not just social media and smartphones. Michael said that the limelight is generally something he’s always been uncomfortable with. “I’m just a very sensitive person, and very sensitive to the people that I meet and to other people’s energies,” he said. “So I love people a lot and really love the people that make sense to me, that my brain can understand as human beings. But there’s just so many people on planet Earth that are confusing to me.”

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According to Michael, being an actor and a people person is “a personality type,” and he doesn’t have the “makeup” for it. “I think when you get really famous, you’re just like a magnet to people. And all kinds of people come up to you, and I just can’t handle it. I’m not really cut out for that level of interaction with so many different types. I don’t have a strong enough personality for that.”

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I totally feel where Michael’s coming from. Too much social interaction can be exhausting, but I feel like it’s too late for me for somebody like me to unplug at this point.

Do you relate to Michael Cera, or can you not live without social media or your smartphone?

You can read the full interview with Michael here.

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