Liquor Shops Permitted To Open In Green Zone, Twitter Celebrated With Meme Fest

Liquor Shops Permitted To Open In Green Zone, Twitter Celebrated With Meme Fest

The Indian government has extended lockdown further for two weeks from May 4 which means that the country will be under lockdown till May 17 now. However, the good news is that the government has decided to give some relaxations as well but these relaxations will be available in the green and orange zones while situation will remain the same in the red zone.

One of the relaxations which is making people very happy is the permission to open liquor shops in the green zone. But there are some conditions too that need to be fulfilled, such as there should be a distance of six feet between two customers and not more than five customers are allowed in the shop at one point of time.


The liquor shops will be opening from May 4 and it is certainly a great news for the alcohol lovers. As soon as the announcement was made, the micro-blogging site Twitter was flooded with reactions and alcoholics expressed their feelings by celebrating with meme fest. Here are some of the selected reactions:
















Earlier the 21 days lockdown starting March 25 was imposed by the Indian government which was further extended from April 14 till May 3 and now it has been extended further till May 17. The condition of India seems to be under control as far as the coronavirus pandemic is concerned in comparison to other countries considering the fact that India is the second most populated nation of the world.

The number of infected cases in India is 40,000 while around 1300 people have lost their lives due to this disease. If we talk about the whole world, the number of infected cases in more than 34 lakhs while the number of lives lost is more than 2.40 lakh.

We sincerely request our readers to practice social distancing and avoid going out if not necessary. Stay at home and stay safe!

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