Khushi & Karan’s (Rajat) Love Saga Continues Till Karan Gets A Fake Review Call

Khushi gets a reply from her long-gone boyfriend Rajat’s Whatsapp number. But on the other side of the line, it’s actually Karan who bought a new sim that happened to be Rajat’s old number.

Karan’s friend Shukla insists him to continue the texts and conversations with Khushi but deep inside they both know the fact that one day the truth will be out and they will not have much to explain in this particular situation. On the other side, Khushi is on cloud 9.
wrong number
Khushi’s friend Ruchi has serious doubts about this entire situation. Her first doubt was the way Khushi received the first message from the number and she tried a lot to make her understand that there is something wrong. Khushi is so engulfed in the situation that she does not want to believe Ruchi.

One day, Karan receives a random phone call. A woman speaks about giving a review of some food items and accidentally makes him speak his real name.

Turns out, it was Khushi’s friend Ruchi. What will happen next is a very interesting adventure!

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