Joker Honest Review: Joaquin Phoenix’s Performance Stole The Show, Critics Hailed Him

Todd Phillips directorial Joker premiered at The Venice Film Festival this year and needless to say it is the most twisted movie in the festival. After the film premiered critics divided into two groups, some think that after this Joaquin Phoenix is the sure winner of the Best Actor award and others think that he will be competing under Most Acting category. But most people think that Joaquin’s performance will definitely earn him an Oscar nomination.

The movie received an eight-minute standing ovation. Critics praised the actor’s bold, edgy and dark performance. One of the critics David Ehrlich wrote, “Todd Phillips’ Joker is unquestionably the boldest reinvention of “superhero” cinema since The Dark Knight; a true original that’s sure to be remembered as one of the most transgressive studio blockbusters of the 21st Century.”

Joaquin even mastered the iconic Joker’s laugh and for that, he went to a new depth. He said that it was nearly painful to hit the right note.

Here are some reviews from critics on Twitter:

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