Jamie Lee Curtis Apparently Doesn't Ever Leave Set When She's Filming A Movie — Here's Why

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Jamie Lee Curtis is incredibly dedicated when she’s working on a movie!

A closeup of Jamie

So dedicated, that she says she never actually goes back to her trailer the entire time she’s on set.

A closeup of Jamie

“Don’t go back to your trailers. Trailers are not your friend,” Jamie recently told Insider.

A closeup of Jamie

In fact, Jamie says it’s her “secret sauce” to success and has gotten her praise from several directors.

A closeup of Jamie

“Jonathan Wang, our producer of Everything Everywhere All at Once, will tell you I never left the set,” Jamie said. “I don’t believe in it.”

Jamie in Everything Everywhere All at Once

Jamie says she’s even gotten her more screen time in movies because she doesn’t go to her trailer, like when she was working on Knives Out with director Rian Johnson.

A closeup of Jamie and Rian

“He once called me his MVP on Knives Out, and when he was asked why, he said, ‘Because she was always on set. She never left the set,'” Jamie said.

A closeup of Jamie

She continued, “He ended up using me in shots he wasn’t going to use me in because I was on set.”

Jamie stands outside in front of the Knives Out cast

It sounds like Jamie Lee’s secret sauce has really worked out for her!

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