James Neesham Had A Witty & Funny Reply To The User Who Was Upset With Him

James Neesham , the 29 years old New Zealand cricketer, is one of those players who are pretty active on social media and love to share their thoughts on various matters as well as like to interact with their fans. He has been trolled also sometimes but he took it with sportsman spirit and enjoyed it; in fact most of the times, it is he who has the last laugh.

James has been performing quite well in the limited overs cricket but in the longer format, he has not been so impressive. He played an important role in the 2019 World Cup for his team as they reached the final and truly, they were just unlucky to lose the final otherwise they completely deserved to win the trophy.

However, last time when James Neesham was seen in white on the field, it was in the year 2017.

There are many websites which conduct online cricket tournaments and people can take part in them by making their teams. One such online participant was upset with James Neesham as he not only included him in his team but also made him the skipper of the team but James didn’t even bowl a single over and also didn’t bat.

The Twitter user asked the cricketer to inform him next time before the match.

The tweet read, “@JimmyNeesh yesterday I made you Captain in my fantasy cricket contest and you didn’t bowl a single over forget about batting. Please inform next time before the match.”

The cricketer came up with a funny reply to the user as he tweeted, “That’s amazing coz I made you the captain of my fantasy things-I-don’t-care-about team and you earned me 5 trillion points.”

Well the cricketer does have a good sense of humour, what do you say?

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