"I Absolutely Lost It And Started Bawling": 14 Immeasurably Emotional TV Finale Scenes

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Last week, I asked the BuzzFeed commenters to share the tragic or simply melancholy moments from TV series finales that stick with them to this day. The commenters were generous with their picks, so here are 14 TV finale moments that’ll make you turn off the television and go on a long walk while reflecting on life, love, and human mortality. Or something like that.

Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity. Also, this is a post about finales, so be careful of spoilers


“This exchange from the Fleabag series finale. I absolutely lost it and started bawling. Beautiful but devastating. I think about this conversation often.”

person one: i love you Person two: it'll pass


“The last episode of The Good Place. So many moments of that made me cry while feeling all the emotions. When Chidi told Eleanor he was ready to go, when Michael was made human, when we saw Tahani make peace with her family and become an architect, and when Jason waited for Janet after she thought he’d gone through the door.”

eleanor: i need you to do me one last favor, say goodbye to me now and leave before i wake up


“Tossing it way back…but Dinosaurs. Man, that was depressing as they were all waiting to freeze to death.”

the dinosaurs in the snow and the news anchor says, and taking a look at the long range forecast, continued snow, darkness and extreme cold this is howard handupme goodnight and goodbye


“The final episode of Gravity Falls. Grunkle Stan losing his memory, defeating Bill Cipher, everyone helping him get his memory back, and Dipper and Mabel going home at the end of the summer and saying goodbye to everyone. My son made me watch this and we cried together over it.”

character one: ready to head into the great unknown? character two: nope! let's do it!


“The series finale of The Golden Girls when Dorothy leaves after marrying Blanche’s uncle. I love that she got her happy ending, but that final image of Sophia, Blanche, and Rose crying and hugging each other is so sad.”

the woman hugging each other


Blackadder Goes Forth. Captain Blackadder, along with George, Baldrick, and Darling. have no choice but to charge the Germans. Everyone gets philosophical, and Blackadder can’t even insult Baldrick. You think there’s hope until it’s mentioned this is 1917. They go over the top, and into a hail of bullets as the footage goes into slow motion and fades into footage of a field of poppies. Truly the saddest end to a show.”

soldiers realizing this is it for them as they enter the end of the war


“Dean Winchester’s death scene in Supernatural. It was beautifully acted and so gut-wrenching because you kept expecting someone (*cough* Cas *cough*) to swoop in and save him…but he’s just gone.”

person: i'm so proud of you sam. i've always looked up to you


“A recent one from The Walking Dead: When Daryl leaves Carol and Judith and RJ to find Rick. It broke my heart to see them go different ways in the finale. They had been the ultimate team almost the whole show.”

the three going different ways


Lost. The series finale ending with Jack’s eye closing as he dies.”

person laying on the ground in the woods and a closeup of his eyes closed


“Hawkeye’s breakdown in the M*A*S*H finale. It’s just so heartbreaking when he finally realized what actually happened on that bus, and the way Alan Alda portrays it is gut-wrenching.”

man crying as he says, i didn't mean for her to kill it, i just wanted it to be quiet. it was a baby! she smothered her own baby


“In many ways Orange Is the New Black was hopeful, like when it showed Taystee sharing about the Poussey Washington Fund to new inmates. But really, it wasn’t. Taystee was innocent of the crime that got her an extended sentence and was only serving it because others lied and didn’t speak up for her. Knowing she’d spend her life in prison when she shouldn’t have to was painful to watch.”

person saying this is financial literacy. this is gonna help you get off the poverty bus


“In the last episode of Game of Thrones, when Brienne of Tarth wrote Jaime Lannister’s entry in the White Book: ‘Died protecting his Queen.’ The way her hand caressed the page as she said goodbye…I still tear up to this day.”

closeup of her writing in the book


Killing Eve when — SPOILER ALERT — Villanelle dies to save Eve and they get robbed of their happy ending.”

both of them in the water and then blood coming from Villanelle's body


And finally: “Six Feet Under was my immediate response. The ending somehow tied together the series in a way that no other show has done, and made me fall apart at the same time. Seeing the characters that you’ve grown to love one way or another, and learning how they die in the same way the introduction epitaphs the people entering the funeral home in every episode, was bittersweet.”

closeup of two of the men and then a title screen that reads david james fisher 1969-2044

Which TV moment finales bring a tear to your eye? Tell us about ’em in the comments!

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