How To Make A Room Appear Bigger With Paint?

How To Make A Room Appear Bigger With Paint?

Are you living in a house or apartment with small rooms? Do you think decorating a small room is difficult? If you wish to have a spacious room without breaking some walls, here is an alternative – paint it. It is the most affordable, stylish, and quick solution when compared to renovating and expanding. Paint colours play an important role in giving a feel of comfort in any room. Colours can change the perception of the room’s shape and size. It influences the way we view space. Here are some tips on how to utilize paint to create a perception of a bigger space.

Utilize the Same colour Throughout the Room:

When painting doors and ceilings, use the same colour. If possible, it is good to use a shade that is slightly lighter than the wall colour. You may feel tempted to paint the bathroom in a different colour. But, when you utilize the same colour or closely associated hues, you can get a seamless look. Once you have the same colour all-over, it is pleasant to the eye as well as gives a spacious look. The colour that you use also plays a major role in it, check for Asian Royale paint price and colour options available for small rooms before taking the final call.

Select the Right Finish:

When selecting paint, it is necessary to select a finish. As there are several options, most people get confused about which one to select. Regular paint does not have any shine. It is also referred to as matte finish. If you select high gloss in a small room, it can become too glaring. Semi-gloss, eggshell, and satin may be an apt choice. It is recommended to choose satin or eggshell. When the finish is slightly glossy, it reflects the light and makes the room look big. You can select semi-gloss for doors or as per the room colour combination. Glossier, the paint, easier is the maintenance.


Go Dark or Light:

Most people are aware of this- light colours give a feeling of a spacious room in front of your eyes. Yes, it is true as mild shades reflect light. But this is not the only choice at hand. At times, staring into pure white walls might make you feel bored. You can experiment with light neutral shades in the exact undertone to warm and brighten the room. Do you know you can use dark colours as well for small rooms? Dark walls express an intimate dramatic feel and also blur out the wall’s edges thereby creating an illusion of a large room.

Begin with the Appropriate Undertone:

Not sure where to begin with the colour selection for your small room? It’s best to select a paint with an appropriate undertone – the right base colour. Undertone is the combination of pigments utilized to develop the final shade you see. Select as per the undertones of the room’s interiors such as the cabinets and flooring. It can vary from taupe to grey to violet to pink and even green. Bring paint chips in various colours and select the appropriate undertone that blends well with the interiors of the room.

Approach the Experts for Suggestions and Ideas!

Aapka Painter is popular for providing excellent paint solutions for small-sized rooms. You can request Aapka Painter professionals to suggest the best paint finishes as per your room size and budget. They even offer a warranty of about 1 year for particular painting solutions. Take their help and ensure that your room looks larger without burning a hole in your pocket!

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