How Difficult Is It To Be A Celebrity Fashion Stylist? Let Kamran Razmdjoo Tell You

We can all agree that everything that involves celebrities and the glamour world is fascinating, isn’t it?! So when you hear ‘celebrity fashion stylist’, your ears are bound to perk up with interest. But what you may not have considered are the challenges that come along with the glamour of being a celebrity stylist. Kamran Razmdjoo, a notable name in the fashion world, is here to shed some light on the matter.

Being a fashion stylist to several celebrities, athletes, and artists from around the world, Kamran Razmdjoo is no stranger to the glitz and glamour of the fashion world. He says, “Just like every coin has two faces, being a fashion stylist to celebrities has its own pros and cons. While you get to work with super-talented people and understand fashion on a broader scale, you also have to be prepared for the hustle and humdrum.”

Kamran Razmdjoo has been a stylist for notables like Harshvardhan Kapoor, Kelly Kelly, Marina Laswick, Eric Bledsoe, Maluma, Black Coffee, Shai Alexander, Migos, Tyga, The Chainsmokers, Hami Diallo, etc.

Speaking about the challenges of being a celebrity fashion stylist, Kamran says, “Working becomes easy and fun when you and the celebrity you are styling, have the same tastes. But when that’s not the case, the job can become quite tricky.”

When asked what it’s really like to work with celebrities, Kamran laughs and says, “It is an intriguing experience working with some of the most proficient people in their fields. It helps you understand fashion better but it also keeps you on your toes all the time. After all, we all know that the entertainment industry never sleeps and that there is no clock here. So you have to work round the clock sometimes.”

As an innovator in his field of professional styling, Kamran continues to encourage other stylists to join hands and take their careers up a notch. Based in Los Angeles, Kamran has also co-founded a fashion company called KMSTYL, a company that bridges the gap between high-end fashion and the common man.

Along with being a star stylist, Kamran is also making a name for himself in real estate by helping some of his clients find their dream homes. Clearly a man of many talents, Kamran’s journey to success has been paved with hard work and hustle, something we can all take inspiration from.

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