Here's What Fans Are Saying About "Creed III"

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Creed III was released in theaters today, and many fans couldn’t wait to see it for the plot.

Okay, I couldn’t help myself. That’s not the only reason fans were excited for the release of the film!

So, how are fans reacting?


The film came in strong and left some big impressions on this watcher:

Yeah, CREED 3 is IT. Stunning directorial debut from Michael B Jordan. The fights were very good. MBJ may have given one of my fave performances he’s done. Jonathan Majors plays the PERFECT antagonist. Soundtrack is also fire. I thoroughly enjoyed this and would watch again.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @55mmbae


This fan praised the film for not including Rocky:

Really enjoyed Creed III. The decision to leave Rocky out of this film, while unpopular, was the right call. You don’t tell this story without it turning into something with Rocky. This was Creed’s story. #Creed3 #CreedIII

@thejrod_87 / Via Twitter: @thejrod_87


While this watcher was just hit with the reality of Creed III:

Realizing CREED 2 is probably the last time we ever see Rocky #Creed3

Sony Pictures Releasing / Via Twitter: @blurayangel


10/10 for this fan who still doesn’t want a part IV:

Creed III was SUPER good. Like 10/10 good for me but it better not have a part IV like Sylvester Stallone said it could because what possibly could they add to that movie again that they haven’t already? #Creed3 #CreedII

@shrewd_oprayter / Via Twitter: @shrewd_oprayter


The film ticked all of the boxes for this viewer:

The faves did not disappoint! @michaelb4jordan put his FOOT in his directorial debut! #Creed3 is beautifully written, shot & directed. #JonathanMajors continues to show OUT! Tessa Thompson ate as usual & Mila Davis-Kent is a ⭐️! 10/10 would recommend! Will def see again! 🔥✊🏽🙌🏾

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @justwrite115


But this fan thinks that Jonathan Majors carried the film:

Jonathan Majors literally carried the #CreedIII #Creed3 movie on his back. My gawd!

@Vivienne555 / Via Twitter: @Vivienne555


Dame >>> Kang:

#CreedIII was good. A story about Adonis without Rocky’s past influence was a breath of fresh air. The summer or Jonathan Majors is in high gear, Dame was more terrifying than Kang by a mile, though.

@denton_steve / Via Twitter: @denton_steve


But this fan clearly missed Rocky’s presence:

I’m highly disappointed they couldn’t add Rocky to #Creed3 like come on’ man! 😒

@Falconyx85 / Via Twitter: @Falconyx85


“Jonathan MF Majors”:

#Creed3 is the best of the franchise. So many layers. So many themes. Impeccable storytelling. Visually pleasing. The boxing shots *chef kiss* Great music. And Johnathan mf Majors. Wow wow wow. That man can perform!

@ceedotcee / Via Twitter: @ceedotcee


It’s a huge no from this viewer:

Am I the only one who thought #Creed3 was shit? Thought the fights had lazy choreography & storyline could have been thought of by a 8 year old.

@shaunconnollyy / Via Twitter: @shaunconnollyy


Do you also view Creed III as unnecessary but really good?!

#Creed3 is this year’s Top Gun Maverick – an arguably unnecessary legacy sequel that is actually really, really good and packs out cinemas

@Dangelinii / Via Twitter: @Dangelinii


Well, this fan thought it was missing something:

Just got out of Creed 3. It There were enjoyable moments and the ending fight was cool. but I feel like something was missing. Can’t put my finger on it though. 6.5 or 7 out of 10. The script could’ve been stronger from the estranged friends thing. #CreedIII #Creed3

@SaiyanQuad92 / Via Twitter: @SaiyanQuad92


Could we not have had more Donnie and Bianca moments?

If I have any critiques of the movie, I would say that I wish we got more Donny/Bianca moments. Also I think they could have made it about 10 minutes longer because some stuff happened too fast #Creed3

The Tyra Banks Company / Via Twitter: @WrecklessLove


This viewer thought Creed III was just alright, and wanted a bigger buildup to the final fight:

Hey yo @stephenasmith #Creed3 “it was aight” I give it a B! Ya did your thing on @FirstTake the movie 🎥🍿 could’ve been longer & build up the final fight a bit more!

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @magicMike743


*Sings Mary J. Blige after reading the opening line in this fan’s review*

#Creed3 sadly is just fine. Michael B. Jordan’s directing is pretty good, especially in the fight sequences. The cast is great as always with Jonathan Majors being the standout. The screenplay just feels really half-baked. (1/2)

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @_Broadlock_


Who else can relate to the bittersweet feelings after watching Creed III? Where’s my gym membership again…

Creed III was as good as I expected. My only complaint is that now my fat ass has to go work out. #Creed3

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @WednesdayPull


Is eight times not a charm? Oh wait…

#Creed3 was pretty solid. Can’t help but think I’ve seen this story eight times before though. It heavily sticks to the winning Rocky formula, but I wonder how much gas it has left.

@mhcovill / Via Twitter: @mhcovill


Never thought I’d see Anuvahood and Creed III in the same sentence:

Couldn’t take Damian seriously in Creed III, his facial expressions gave me Tyrone from Anuvahood vibes

@RMLENG_ / Via Twitter: @RMLENG_


And we’ll end the reactions on this truly hilarious statement:

I loved Jonathan Majors in Creed III so much it made me want to see ANT MAN, a movie I do not want to see at all

@lolacoaster / Via Twitter: @lolacoaster

Have you seen Creed III yet? Tell us what you thought and what your favorite film of the franchise is?!

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