Here's A Roundup Of All The "You" Season 4 Actors You Can Follow On Instagram

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If you haven’t already binged the first half of You Season 4, you’ve got some catching up to do.

Penn Badgley in You

Part 2 is set to drop on Netflix in just a few weeks, so we’ll have to anxiously count down the days until the Joe Goldberg saga continues.

Penn. Badgley in You

With SO many new characters joining the cast this season, here’s a roundup of where you can follow all of them on IG:

To start, Penn Badgley reprises his role as Joe Goldberg.

Penn Badgley in You

Follow him: @pennbadgley

Tati Gabrielle is another alum making her return as Marienne.

Tati Gabrielle in You

Follow her: @tatigabrielle

And here’s an overview of the all-new characters on the show:

Charlotte Ritchie plays Kate.

Penn Badgley and Charlotte Ritchie in You

Tilly Keeper plays Lady Phoebe.

Tilly Keeper in You

Follow her: @tillykeeper

Lukas Gage plays Adam.

Lukas Gage in You

Follow him: @lukasgage

Amy-Leigh Hickman plays Nadia.

Amy Leigh-Hickman in You

Follow her: @amy_lhickman

Ed Speleers plays Rhys.

Ed Speleers in You

Follow him: @edwardjspeleers

Niccy Lin plays Sophie.

Niccy Lin in You

Follow her: @niccy.lin

Aidan Cheng plays Simon.

Aidan Cheng in You

Follow him: @aidan.cheng

Stephen Hagan plays Malcolm.

Stephen Hagan in You

Follow him: @nomiddlenamehagan

Ben Wiggins plays Roald.

Ben Wiggins in You

Follow him: @benmwiggins

Eve Austin plays Gemma.

Eve Austin in You

Follow her: @evexaustin

Ozioma Whenu plays Blessing.

Ozioma Whenu in You

Follow her: @oziomawhenu

Finally, Dario Coates plays Connie.

Dario Coates in You

Who’s your favorite You character this season? Share your pick in the comments!

Penn Badgley in You

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