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‘Haemolymph’ Trailer Depicts Fight For Justice Of Wrongly Accused Teacher

'Haemolymph' Trailer Depicts Fight For Justice Of Wrongly Accused Teacher

The trailer of ‘Haemolymph’, which is based on the real life events of a falsely accused school teacher Abdul Wahid Shaikh, was released on Tuesday in the presence of Wahid.

The film tells the real-life story of Shaikh, who was accused in the July 11, 2006 Mumbai train bombings case. The film is about his fight for justice and also about others whose lives have been impacted by the blasts.

The trailer showcases the suffering and recuperation of an innocent school teacher who is wrongly framed as it not only ruined his life but also of his family.

Talking about the same director Sudarshan Gamare says, “It’s my first film, and the story is very close to me. I have been with this story for the last few years and I wanted everyone to see the struggles of a common man who gets accused. I am very happy with the response for the teaser and the poster received and hope the trailer also receives the same.”

Speaking at the trailer of the film based on his life, Abdul Wahid Shaikh said, “Many people approached me with the idea of making a film about me, but it was Sudarshan’s conviction that made me say yes for the film. His vision is to show exactly what I have been through without embellishment.”

“Watching the trailer has given me a flashback of the horrendous years I have been through; I would also like to praise Riyaz who has played me on the screen. I hope this film reaches many people so they understand the pain a common man goes through when he gets entangled in criminal proceedings”, he added.

‘Haemolymph’ has been produced by Tikatbari and AB Films Entertainment in association with Adiman Films, the film is co-produced by ND9 Studios. The film, which is written and directed by Sudarshan Gamare and stars Riyaz Anwar in the lead role, is slated to release in theatres on May 27.

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