Florence Pugh Wore An, Um, Interesting Dress To The Oscars, And Everyone's Making The Same Joke

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Florence Pugh attended the 2023 Oscars and looked beautiful. That’s just a given because it’s her.

Florence Pugh on the red carpet

But people were quick to point out how the 27-year-old actor — who’s presenting tonight — wore a dress that looked, well, like a bunch of bed sheets:

Closeup of Florence Pugh

Those same people obviously memed the hell out of it:

me carrying my clean sheets back to my room from the dryer https://t.co/SkkPlFNxGs

Twitter: @nothnghppens / Via Mike Coppola/Getty Images

She took a classic silhouette and updated it with a commitment to showing women who are strong

Twitter: @TomZohar / Via Disney / Mike Coppola/Getty Images

me going downstairs and joining my family christmas morning in my duvet

Twitter: @StephenOssola / Via Mike Coppola/Getty Images

me aged 10 with my fitted sheets procrastinating putting it back on the bed https://t.co/Rl6KttT9BY

Twitter: @nelscorner

Me when I get off the bed and I’m so asleep I drag the sheets with me

Twitter: @snydersbatman / Via Variety

me after trying to fold fitted sheets https://t.co/tahLTIRK34

Twitter: @folklore2020

Florence Pugh’s rocking bed sheets 😭💀

Twitter: @CCortave24 / Via Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

While others were just like, “Wait…”

did olivia wilde style … https://t.co/RcnWBQ67ZF

Twitter: @hunteryharris / Via Mike Coppola/Getty Images

@21metgala love her but this looks like the tissue paper you get with a new pair of shoes 🙁

Twitter: @mybabyfungus

What did y’all make of the look? Let me know in the comments below!

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