Do Classics Like ‘Anand’ Need Resurrection At All!!??

A few days ago, a news was announced that ANAND, the all-time classic is going to be remade, fifty one years after it was originally made. Sameer Raj Sippy, the grandson of original producer, N N Sippy and Vikram Khakhar, will produce the remade Anand.

Fans have not squealed in delight at this announcement but have a sense of foreboding and apprehension. The fans have also pleaded that the classics like ANAND need not be revisited, as it will lose its pristine charm.

Fans are quite right in their disapproval. So far, filmmakers have tried to remake two of the all-time classics SHOLAY and ZANJEER and have come croppers, or rather fallen flat on the face. A classic is a classic and the cult status and a halo that is built around it is at the time of original release and the contemporary fans. Modern day fans may not have the same connect with the content, even though the filmmakers for the new version may like to refurbish the content with contextual sensibilities.

ANAND has an element of poetic justice associated with it. It is a content, which is simplified in its layout and minimalism is its defining motif. It was made at a time when the life was simple and there was no rat race as a noose around the neck. In the present times, can this aura of ANAND be recreated?

ANAND when it was made in 1971 had two of the biggest actors arguably Hindi cinema has ever produced – Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna, and they were at the cusp of acquiring the halo of stardom. The leap of faith for these two legends was yet to happen and they were searching for the elusive success, so they drew into their acting skills and came out with a classis performance. During the present times, we do not have any actors, they all are stars and their star power would be the biggest obstacle in interpretation of the characters to be enacted for remade ANAND.

Attempts to make an already super hit product is symptomatic of resorting to incremental development rather than striving for innovation. Hollywood’s quest for sequels of movies underlines the imperative. It is an attempt to overexploit a brand image, which gives diminishing returns subsequently.

Classics like ANAND should be left and not remade. It should not be an argument as the present generation has not seen it, it should be remade for them to undergo the same experience which their forefathers would have undergone. Classics like ANAND do not need resurrection at all.