Cricketers Won’t Be Paid Money If IPL 2020 Does Not Take Place, Says ICA President

Cricketers Won’t Be Paid Money If IPL 2020 Does Not Take Place, Says ICA President

The chances of IPL 2020 taking place this year seem to be very bleak now as the number of coronavirus patients in the country is on the rise and this is going to be a very big blow for the cricketers as they will be losing a huge amount of money. Not just the players but the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) may also suffer a loss of upto Rs. 3000 crores.

It is also being said that BCCI may organise the thirteenth season of IPL later this year but then it may have to cancel any bilateral or international series. As per an official, the players are paid in installments, the first installment of 15% is paid a week before the start of the league, the second installment of 65% during the league and the third and the final installment of 20% within a stipulated period after the league gets over.


Ashok Malhotra, the President of Indian Cricketers’ Association, says that the insurance company won’t pay them as pandemic is not covered as per the agreement and it is impossible to pay the players if there is no game.

Another official says that it not just the big players but many first timers who would have got Rs. 20 lakh, Rs. 40 lakh or Rs. 60 lakh will also suffer as this amount could have brought a big change in their lives.

The BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal says that as of now, no discussion regarding pay cuts have taken place but there is no doubt that BCCI will suffer huge losses as IPL is its biggest tournament.

A former cricketer was of the opinion that the players should understand that BCCI earns from cricket but if there is no cricket being played, BCCI won’t be earning anything. He further said that there is no fault of BCCI in this matter as it is an unavoidable situation.

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