Comedian Sumukhi Suresh Gives A Befitting Reply To Hater Who Trolls Her & Asks To Lose Weight

Comedian Sumukhi Suresh Gives A Befitting Reply To Hater Who Trolls Her & Asks To Lose Weight

Being fit is one of the most important requisites for living a happy and disease free life and almost everyone is aware of this fact. However, this doesn’t give us the right to comment on anyone else’s body weight but this is something which happens regularly on the social media networks. Many people who are over-weight have to face cheap comments which are made by some stupid people but remaining silent will further encourage such individuals so the best way to deal with these filthy minds is to give them a mouth-shutting reply.

Stand-up comedian Sumukhi Suresh did exactly the same thing as she gave a kickass reply to an online user who asked her for losing weight. The comment was made on Sumukhi’s Instagram post and in reply, she enlightened the user by telling about her work-out plan, diet regime and how her nutritionist has asked her to focus her mind on weight-loss rather than losing out mind on people like the troller.


Here is the comment and the reaction of Sumukhi Suresh:

This is what Sumukhi shared on the micro-blogging site Twitter:

The social media users loved the perfect response given by the comedian; while some praised her for her reply, few asked her not to pay attention to such people and there were also several persons who expressed annoyance over the fact that body-shaming is still taking place in the world.

Check out some of the selected reactions:
















Body shaming is certainly not acceptable as it may bring down the confidence of the person and may even push him/her into depression. We all know that fitness is important and we make efforts as well to the best of our capacity but making fun of someone is absolutely not permitted. These body-shamers should focus on their lives rather than commenting on someone else. In short, get a life hater!

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