Code Name: Tiranga Movie Worth Watch Or Skip?

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Code Name: Tiranga Movie- Are you looking at the ‘Code Name: Tiranga Movie review ‘? Then you landed at the right place.

Code Name: Tiranga Movie Released This Week.

Hello, it’s me Aman, and I’m truly a movie lover, having 5+ years of experience in the Web series and movie review industry. So without wasting your time let’s get to start the review of the Code Name: Tiranga Movie.


Code Name: Tiranga Movie Review

Parineeti portrays Durga Singh, an Indian spy who is on an assignment to find a mole R&AW has recently detected. Surprising discoveries are made along the way that could shake up the foundation of India’s intelligence establishment.

Code Name: Tiranga Movie

How can you double-cross an agent who is double-crossed? Durga and her coworkers must answer this question. Her fear and tension about the man she loves, a Turkish-based doctor of part Indian origin named Mirza Ali ( Harrdy Sandy Sandhu), slows her down in this latest mission.

Wait…Durga Sing and Mirza Ali? In Hindi movies that have been praised for their liberal inter-community romances, the man has always been Hindu, while the Muslim or Christian partner in most cases has been the woman. This is not surprising considering patriarchy views women as the property of their community and they are then lost to the community when the woman they marry. Rajkumar Hirani’s PK (2014) was criticized for allowing an Indian Hindu woman to fall in love with a Pakistani Muslim husband. It is refreshing to see a Hindi film that shows a Hindu woman falling in love with a Muslim husband. This is a brave decision in today’s political climate. Unfortunately, this courage is not enough to produce a quality script.

Code Name: Tiranga Movie

Code Name Tiranga is so generic in its storytelling style that it feels like a waste to recount the story. While money was spent in beautiful locations in India and Afghanistan, as well as Turkey, the much more important investment in time for the writing process seems to have been overlooked.

This film is directed and written by RibhuDasgupta, who also directed the 2016 Hindi film which starred Amitabh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Vidya Balan. While Te3n is his best filmography, Code Name Tiranga stands out as the lowest.

Code Name: Tiranga Movie

Parineeti attempts to be earnest in these difficult circumstances but she can only do so much. Ditto Harrdy Sandhu, who was excellent as Madan Lal in Kabir Khan’s 83 only months ago. Rajit Kapur, Durga’s friend, looks out of place.

One of the most memorable moments in Code name: Tiranga is when Mirza discovers the truth about Durga as he sings Dama mast qalandar. This technique is used in action flicks all over the globe, including in India. It involves chaotic action in the background and overwhelming music in the foreground. Although it is not the most original concept, the song is powerfully sung, the editing is fast, and the emotions are strong enough to make this scene memorable.

Code Name: Tiranga Movie

From there, it’s all downhill. It is a poor reflection of our times that “not fully engaged in hate or hypernationalism” has been deemed a compliment. But it is. It is noteworthy that, in a decade where many Hindi films have tried to capitalize on the dominant mood of India by selling anti-Muslim and anti-minorities sentiments, the code name: Tiranga has joined that bandwagon, but its heart isn’t in it despite the lengthy revisitation of Vande Mataram and the hyperbolic portrayal Dushman’s evil designs, and other cliches It is a film about the love story between a Durga, and Mirza. That’s all there is to say about it.

In the last half hour, I thought the film was finished. But as I prepared to leave, another unsettling stretch appeared. The heroine, as if eager to drive a nail into Hindi cinema’s coffin and bury it in, is forced to repeat some terribly clichéd lines about Durga being the form every woman takes to right wrongs, blah, blah, blah, and that she will take that form every time the Tiranga is threatened. Aiyyo! We’re not going to use cliches.

Dear Bollywood, Tiger isn’t the only one ZindaSherni Haitoo is also waiting for a well-written and well-produced action movie where she can bludgeon evil as well as men with the same enthusiasm. Code Name Tiranga is an absolute disaster. The wait continues.

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Code Name: Tiranga Movie Review
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Parineeti portrays Durga Singh, an Indian spy who is on an assignment to find a mole R&AW has recently detected. Surprising discoveries are made along the way that could shake up the foundation of India’s intelligence establishment.

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