Ciara Wore A Pretty Risqué Dress To An Oscars Afterparty And Set The Internet On Fire

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Ciara left little to the imagination when she stepped out for the Vanity Fair Oscars party — and she looked absolutely incredible doing it.

A closeup of Ciara

Over the weekend, Ciara hit the blue carpet in a barely-there, sheer gown paired with velvet elbow-length gloves.

Ciara shows off the dress from the front

The shimmering Dundas piece was even more revealing from the back, exposing Ciara’s back and a tiny black thong.

A back angle of the dress

Of course, Ciara completely slayed the look, showing off the gown from all the angles.

A side angle of the dress

Ciara was also accompanied by her husband Russell Wilson, who stood by his hot AF wife’s side throughout the evening.

Ciara and Russell pose together

And while IMO Ciara looked incredible, her ‘fit actually received a lot of negative attention from followers who thought it was all too revealing — and was inappropriate for a married woman to wear.

Having 3 kids and a husband then deciding “yea let me just start embracing sexuality” is kinda wild. Ciara definitely missed that train arguing with Rihanna. Too late to be showing your ass and your music not selling.

@_ParadiseParis1 / Via Twitter: @_ParadiseParis1

Ciara is out here embarrassing Russell. Smh

@BachirSoHumble / Via Twitter: @BachirSoHumble

I don’t know what to say about Ciara’s dress. I just know that shit ain’t right

@APDub / Via Twitter: @APDub

There were even entire TikToks dedicated to commentary on the dress:


Replying to @kirstieamb let me know yalls thiughts below. Its alot #fyp #fypシ #christiantiktok #blackgirltiktok

♬ original sound – Ms. Sarah Oloba

Thankfully, there have also been plenty of fans to hype her up, fully supporting her fashion statement:


Ok ima stop you right there. Ciara would never let YOU…so you don’t even gotta finish that sentence fr. There’s a job fair being hosted today you should see about it

@Dreadful4Tymes / Via Twitter: @Dreadful4Tymes

When you have your own imagination & perspective on how you think someone should live their life, or how another woman dresses or how her husband should react, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. A grown adult will live by their own rules, period! and y’all will deal!

@CiaraRussellFan / Via Twitter: @CiaraRussellFan

Glad Ciara and many women like her don’t let you define their marriage. They allow themselves to stay beautiful, confident, and sexy while being married with children. Most of y’all are mad because y’all try to say women like them will never have those things and it’s not true.

@Fentylibraheaux / Via Twitter: @Fentylibraheaux

What Ciara had on is between her and her husband. Go on with your day.

@KryssyLaReina / Via Twitter: @KryssyLaReina

Ciara wore that dress and her husband saw it and didn’t object to it. You and your is this appropriate for marriage think-pieces don’t matter.

@mels896 / Via Twitter: @mels896

Y’all better leave Ciara alone. She looked phenomenal at the Oscars and there’s nothing “disrespectful” or “inappropriate” about her dress. Bunch of jealous ass bitter Betty’s and misogynistic assholes who run their mouths too much

@ERnurse86 / Via Twitter: @ERnurse86

Although the internet was divided about Ciara’s look, I’m personally excited to see what she does next!

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