Cardi B And Offset Now Have A McDonald's Meal Combo, So Customize Your Own Bundle And We'll Guess Your Exact Age

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Well, well, well. McDonald’s is back at it again with another celebrity meal — this time, collaborating with Cardi B and Offset.

The Cardi B and Offset Meal, which became available this week on Valentine’s Day, features the famous couple’s fast-food faves for a meal for two. Cardi B’s picks include a cheeseburger, BBQ sauce, and a large Coke. And Offset’s picks are a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. The bundle also comes with large fries and a baked apple pie.

(Oh, and you may have already known about all this if you saw their ad during the Super Bowl, which featured seven real-life couples talking about their favorite McDonald’s meals). You can watch the official Cardi B and Offset Meal commercial here:

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In this quiz, YOU get to build ~two custom meals~ to create your very own McDonald’s bundle. So, grab a friend (or boo 😉), and let’s get to it!

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