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Best Hot web series at Ullu App September 2022- Are you looking at the ‘Best Hot web series? Then you landed at the right place.

Best Hot web series that you can’t miss. it is set to release.

Hello, it’s me Aman, and I’m truly a movie lover, having 5+ years of experience in the Web series and movie review industry. So without wasting your time let’s get to start the review of the Best Hot web series

The demand for ullu web-based series has grown dramatically in the past few months. The majority of people like watching web series via the app. For this reason, the app is able to release two web series each week for its customers. The web series Ullu is packed with bold and exciting scenes. The app has released a variety of web-based series. Below we have listed the best web series from Ullu in September. You can stream all of the web series by a subscription to the ullu app. If you’re an ullu app subscriber it is possible to download any ullu web series on the app and watch it offline.


1. Charmsukh Tapan web series

Tapan is the most recent web series from the Ullu app. The story follows Riya who isn’t controlling her sexual desires. in check. She utilizes her hand to satisfy her sexual desire. A day passes and her sister goes to her house together with her husband. After seeing her brother-in-law Vaibhav, Riya starts dreaming of a sexual affair with Vaibhav. After many attempts, Riya is not attracting Vaibhav to her side.

One day Vaibhav informs Riya of the reason he does not love her, but he would like her to be friends with Payal. To find out what happens the next time, check out Ullu’s newest web series “Tapan.”

2. Shahad web series

Shahad The Shahad is Priya Gamre’s most recent web series. The story follows Sharad who is in love with having sexual encounters however, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Sharad’s brother Raghu is getting married while his bride Roopa arrives at his home. Sharad finds himself deeply in love with his sister-in-law Roopa and hopes to fulfill his desires with Roopa.

Raghu is unable to fulfill Roopa completely. Roopa’s sexual desires are not satisfied and, as a result of this, she is involved in an intimate relationship with Sharad. check out the review here.

3. Samne Wali Khidki web series

It is about Ashish And Neha. Both are content with their lives together. Then one day Ashish is aware that Neha is involved in an affair with her manager. Neha broke up with Ashish. Ashish begins living on his own in his home.

Samne Wali Khidki

A few days later, a girl called Anita stays in the same building as Ashish. Anita and Ashish begin to like each other and soon are in love. To learn the entire story, check out samnewali Khidki. This web-based series features famous Ullu actress Ruks khandagale as well as Aayushi Jaiswal. See the review here.

4. Siskiyan Season 2 web series

It is the tale of Renu as well as her husband-in-law. Renu is able to satisfy her sexual desires by sexing her husband-in-law. One day, a nurse named Mary comes to their home. Following Mary’s arrival, Mary the father-in-law of Renu ignores Renu. 


Mary and her father-in-law enter into an intimate relationship. Do you think Renu accepts this? To find out, you can go to siskiyan season 2. Siskiyan is a web-based series with famous star actresses Noor Malabika, and Hiral Radaddiya. must read the review here.

Last Words

We hope you enjoy our article about the Samne Wali Khidki web series review. if you want other actresses’ best web series list then please comment down. Also if you have any suggestions for our next posts please comment below about it. at last, if I miss any web series of  “Paglet Web Series” And “Khaat Kabbadi Barkha web series  ” please tell me and yes, it’s definitely a different perspective from person to person of best Samne Wali Khidki ullu Web Series review.

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