Best Hot Noor Malabika web series List

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Noor Malabika web series List and more- Are you looking at the ‘Noor Malabika web series web series 2022’? Then you landed at the right place.

Noor Malabika web series that you can’t miss. it is set to release.

Hello, it’s me Aman, and I’m truly a movie lover, having 5+ years of experience in the Web series and movie review industry. So without wasting your time let’s get to start the best Noor Malabika web series list

Noor Malabika, is a well-known actress in OTT Apps. Malabika has been a part of many ott apps, including big m Zoo, ULLU, and Neuliks. Noor is the rising star on the OTT platforms. Below is the link to the web series noor malabika. These web series can be viewed on their respective platforms.


Best Hot Noor Malabika web series List

1. Palang Tod Siskiyaan web series (Ullu)

Renu is a housewife. Renu lives together with her husband, and father-in-law. Renu’s father-in-law is paralyzed and unable to get out of bed. Renu cares for her father-in-law. Renu is not satisfied with her husband, so Renu has a feeling of incompleteness.

Best Hot Noor Malabika web series List

Renu’s husband leaves town for a few business days. Renu seduces her father-in-law and takes advantage of the opportunity. Renu has the chance to satisfy her sexual desires for the first time. The Siskiyaan web series will tell the full story. Noor played Renu in this web series. you can check out the review here.

2. Charmsukh Taan web series (Ullu)

This is Riya’s story. She has a crush on her brother-in-law. Riya is visited by her sister Rashmi, and Vaibhav, her husband. Riya is thrilled to see Vaibhav, her brother-in-law, and dreams of being able to fulfill her physical desires with him.

Best Hot Noor Malabika web series List

Riya does her best, but Vaibhav is not convinced to have sex with her. Vaibhav informs Riya that although he doesn’t have any interest in Riya, he wants to spend the night with Payal. Riya accepts this but insists that she will stay in bed with them both. You can see the Tapan web series for more information. catch the review here.

3. Saali Aadhi Gharwali web series (Big M Zoo)

Saali Aadhi Gharwali

This is a story about a girl who doesn’t get sexual satisfaction. Her married sister calls her one day and invites her to her home for a few nights. She hears this and finds a way for her to fulfill her sexual desires.

The girl is taken to her sister’s home. After a few days, she attracted her brother-in-law to her side. But he neglected her. The girl’s sister notices it. To see what happens next, watch the Saali Aadhi Gharwali video series.

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4. I am sorry teacher web series (Big M Zoo).

I Am Sorry Teacher Big M Zoo

This is the story of Maya, a tuition teacher. Maya gives tuition at home to a boy. The boy begins to like Maya madam and wants to have a relationship. Maya learns about it. She doesn’t return to his house anymore for tuition after that day. To see what happens next, watch the I Am Sorry Teacher web series.

5. Mafia 2web series – Nuefliks

Mafia 2 tells the story of Mafia 2, a Mafia 2 gangster who is the largest lady don in the city. This web series shows what happens in the daily life of this lady don. This web series features Noor Malabika as Lady Done.

Best Hot Noor Malabika web series List

6. Palang Tod Siskiyaan Season 2 web series (Ullu)

Renu and her father-in-law get into a relationship to meet their physical needs, as shown in the previous season. Renu is visited by a nurse in this season’s episode. She is charming and beautiful. Mary is the name of the nurse. Mary is called upon to care for Renu’s father-in-law. The father-in-law falls for Mary after seeing her. This is something Renu doesn’t tolerate. Renu attempts to get Mary out of his house.

Last Words

We hope you enjoy our article about the Hot Noor Malabika web series. if you want other actresses’ best web series list then please comment down. Also if you have any suggestions for our next posts please comment below about it. at last, if I miss any web series of  “Paglet 2 Web Series” And “Rocket Web Series  ” please tell me and yes, it’s definitely a different perspective from person to person of best sexy Noor Malabika web series list

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